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December 11, 2022

Nightmare before christmas

An 8-year-old girl who lost her family and suffered disfiguring burns in an arson fire is having an incredible Christmas, thanks to the generosity of thousands of strangers around the world who were moved by her simple Facebook wish. (Dec. 10)

Brie Schwartz

5-year-old Safyre lost her family in an arson attack (Photo: Redbook)

Note: This story originally appeared on Redbook.

This year, as we proudly hang our seasonal greeting cards, displaying the smiling faces of our loved ones (and yes, sometimes their dogs), it's easy to forget that for many people, the holidays aren't all candy canes and carols.

For five-year-old Safyre, the sole survivor of an arson attack that killed her family, and left her homeless, Christmas can be a painful reminder of what she's lost.

In 2013, her father, younger sister, and brothers, were murdered in a senseless act. When firefighters found Safyre in what was left of her New York home, she was clutching her father's chest, who saved her life, but couldn't protect her from all of the flames.

Although the majority of her body is covered in burns, and she's had both her right hand and left foot amputated, Safyre, who is being raised by her dad's sister, is still a joyful child, who has remained strong through the devastation.

Now her community is rallying around the brave little girl to ask for folks across the world to send her Christmas cards to ensure that this year gets a little bit cheerier for Safyre who has already been through so much.


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Vánoční přáníčka (Christmas greetings/christmas cards)
Vánoční přáníčka (Christmas greetings/christmas cards)
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Christmas Cards for Kids to Make for Parents
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