Handmade Greeting cards for Christmas

July 24, 2017

Make a Monogrammed Holiday
Welcome to our Christmas Cards Blog Page! Here you will be treated to stunning array of handmade Christmas cards for the holiday season! You will also be treated to our latest New Christmas lines before we even have added them to our website. Christmastime is all our favourite time of year at the headquarters of UK Greeting Cards. Here we really can go the extra mile in showcasing some of the most gorgeous ranges of handmade Christmas cards!

Last year was a fantastic time for us we made lots of new customers very happy with our unique approach to the greeting cards sector with some real eye catchers for example our best selling Christmas Cards for 2013 was a stunning 3D Pop Up Christmas card on the card was a cute snowman guarding his family home the detail was truly magical and a first for us we were so glad our buying team found this company! For example the front had lots of detail and stacks of high quality glitter even the back of the pop up Christmas card had a gorgeous stunning design!! And if that was not enough for our lovely customers they even had the option to have sound how cool is that just press the button and the card played Christmas melody.

Here is Our Top Selling Christmas Card for 2012

As you can see the from the above picture how cute the little snowman is you can see why this was our top selling christmas card for 2012!!I think we sold over 300 cards wow there are lot of snowmen from all over the world now!!!
So you can see the obove image of the back of the pop up snowman christmas card.

Now For Christmas Holidays 2013 Enjoy!!

Well it’s almost that time of year when you start thing about Christmas and also purchasing Christmas Cards! Why not take a look on what UK Greeting Cards has to offer, our cards offer wide verity from traditional to modern Christmas cards. This year I think will our best ever collection so we do hope you like what we are going to show you.

Source: greetingcardsuk.blogspot.com

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