Making Christmas cards

August 11, 2016

Making Christmas Cards

xmas photo shootHappy Holidays! Each year for the past 3 years, we’ve made an agency Christmas card that we send out to as many of our friends & clients as possible. We try to have a bit of fun with it – and because we can’t send it to everyone, we thought we might as well post it here!

The Concept

In years past, we’ve a) all worn the same checkered outfit, then gone to a cheesy Sears photo studio, and b) photoshopped ourselves in to a screengrab from Home Alone. This year we had to raise the bar – so what was next?

We threw around various ideas, like Photoshopping ourselves into our favorite (aka most terrible) Christmas album covers. At the end of the day, we decided to mix media types by creating a Christmas scene with vector illustration in which we’d comp photos of each team member into that scene.

agency holiday cardHow We Did It

Andy designed the scene in Illustrator, and made sure to have some depth and interact-able elements (trees, type, etc.) that would allow everyone to have something to do within the scene.

From there, we set up a poor-man’s photo studio out in the hall outside our office. Patrick brought in his camera, Adam went out and bought some cheap ornaments, and I brought in my lumberjack onesie. Yes, I have one of those. We gameplanned for what each person would be doing within the scene, and shot away.


Making Christmas Cards (ASMR)
Making Christmas Cards (ASMR)
Making Nordic themed Christmas cards using Sizzix dies
Making Nordic themed Christmas cards using Sizzix dies
Christmas - Making Place Cards
Christmas - Making Place Cards
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