Create Custom Bingo cards

September 14, 2023

Create custom bingo cards

Custom Bingo Cards

Create your own unique Bingo Cards!

This NEW exclusive feature allows you to choose your own lucky numbers and create your own personalized custom Bingo Cards. Reuse them every time you play and win big playing your own lucky numbers.

Custom Cards can be used every time you play Bingo75 at CyberBingo.

Once you've created your new Custom Bingo Cards, you can use them every time you play your favorite 75 ball bingo games. Create your first Custom Bingo card for FREE now!

Creating your own Custom Bingo Cards is quick and easy:

Your first Custom Card is FREE so create yours now!

Subscribe to our fabulous Custom Card feature and you can create up to nine (9) personalised Bingo cards for just €0.60 a month. This fantastic feature allows you to select all your lucky numbers and play Bingo your way whenever you play any B75 bingo game at CyberBingo.

Terms and conditions:

  • The Custom Cards feature will be available to all active funding players (at least one deposit in the last 30 days).
  • Player's first custom card is free of charge. Up to 8 additional cards may be created subject to a monthly subscription of €0.60 for a total of 9 cards. Subscription charge will automatically be deducted from players cash balance.
  • To use their Custom Cards players must have an active subscription; without the subscription players will only be allowed to use their one free card.
  • To use the Custom Cards in each Bingo Game, players must enable the "Get Custom Cards" from the setting Section in the Bingo Room.
  • If at the time of automatic renewal of subscription a player has insufficient funds to make the subscription payment, the player is automatically charged for the subscription on their next deposit. Custom Cards will not be available until renewal takes place.

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