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August 10, 2016

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Are Christmas cards being replaced by emoji texts?So, in the age of smartphones and instant messaging, is the age-old tradition of sending Christmas cards fast becoming a dying art?

A survey conducted by the photo printing specialists found that a third of under-35s are not bothering with Christmas cards at all and one in 10 haven’t posted a Christmas card in over four years. A further 15% of those surveyed admitted to receiving Christmas cards but not bothering to return the favour. (iOS emojis)

EmojisAnd the reason? It seems that money (spent on cards and postage) was the main concern for 25% of those surveyed, while a further one in 10 thought they were not photogenic enough to do a personalised family Christmas card.

However, when it came to receiving festive greetings by post, a whopping two thirds of people said Christmas cards made them happy, with hand-written messages proving quite popular. (Eric Ginnard/AP)

“Sending and receiving Christmas cards is such a lovely thoughtful gesture and a tradition we should keep alive, ” said expert etiquette Belinda Alexander. “Make each card personal, giving all your loved ones an individual message if possible.

“The more thought and time that goes into the card and its message, the more joy it brings the recipient.”

So the moral? Maybe emoji texts and gifs are quite fun, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned, hand-written festive greeting.

Source: www.irishexaminer.com

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards
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