Online Christmas Cards Photo

September 2, 2022

Online Christmas Cards Photo
LeAnn Rimes, Christmas 2015Instagram

and decided to get silly and hopped on the awkward family photo bandwagon for their Christmas card this year!

The 33-year-old singer took to Instagram to give her fans a look at the card featuring her hubby and his two sons, Mason and Jake. The card itself reads: "Not your typical holiday fruitcakes, " on the front, while the back says, "Wishing you and yours a holiday full of ugly Christmas sweaters, crazy family and "Olan Mills" picturesque memories."

Rimes captioned the post, "Let Christmas begin! Only a week away! Merry Christmas from our silly, blended, blessed family to yours. Hope you all have plenty of ‘Olan Mills' moments to capture on your camera phones, but even more so, in your hearts, " she said, referencing the Instagram account of awkward family photos.

Meanwhile, Rimes recently opened up about her family's Christmas plans while joining the ladies of The View last month.

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie CibrianOther than admitting she always gets the décor up early, the singer also dished on some of the holiday traditions she's started with Eddie and her stepsons.

The Grove

"The first year we actually spent together with the kids at Christmas, he went out to the mall and picked up this little ornament that's four peas in a pod and put our names on it, " she revealed. "It was the sweetest thing ever he brought home! Since then, we've been kind of doing that same thing, that tradition of getting an ornament to commemorate every year."

As for their plans this Christmas, Mason and Jake—who will be splitting time with their mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star —will join them on Christmas day. "They'll be with us! We get them, like, Christmas mid-day, " LeAnn explained. "So we'll have Christmas morning all on our own which will be kind of nice."

We can't wait to see all the photos that are sure to come!

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