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April 22, 2015

Romance Moment

Show your love with these easy to make Valentine's Day cards.

If you're writing a heartfelt letter to your loved one this Valentine's Day, take a couple extra minutes to make a handmade card. These 5 cards are easy to put together and will make that special someone feel that much more loved.


Felt hearts

This Valentine's Day card is made using felt hearts and ribbon. You can cut the hearts out of felt sheets, or find them already made at a craft store. Simply glue them to your coloured plain card and add a string of ribbon. Secure using glue or double-sided tape.


This simple Valentine is made using a Cupid cutout - that you can make out of thick cardstock or buy from a craft store. Glue the figure to the top of the card and write away.

Baker's twine

These are made using heart-shaped cards and a hole puncher. Evenly punch holes along the border. Add a little touch of colour by threading baker's twine all around the card. Tie a knot where both ends of the twine meet.

Patterned tape

For this DIY card, we paired a pink polka dot tape with a luxurious, striped golden one. After cutting out a heart shape from thick cardstock, carefully add strips of tape, neatly following the shape.

Scrap paper

If you're a DIY enthusiast, you're bound to have some pretty scrap paper left over from various craft projects. This card is the perfect way to use these up! Cut heart shapes from the paper - each in different sizes - and glue to a plain white card. The result is whimsical and full of love!


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