Online Christmas cards

May 3, 2016


What to consider when ordering Greeting Cards Online?

The major point of consideration in placing your greeting card order is which image to use. Choosing the photo and placing it on your desktop or in a folder that is easy for you to access is a must.

How many Greeting Cards to order?

Make your list and check it twice. This will help you know just how many holiday cards to order and avoid either over ordering or not ordering enough.

When is the best time to place a Holiday Greeting Card order?

The earlier the better. The staff will provide a proof of your card free of charge. Although orders placed closer to Christmas day receive the same attention to detail as those placed early.

The joy of a photo greeting card….

… can never be underestimated. Photo greeting cards make their way on to refrigerators, into scrapbooks and bulletin boards. The joy of a photo holiday card lasts forever.

Are other themes beside Christmas available for photo greeting cards?

Yes. Spiritual Greetings are available as well as Kwanzaa Photo Greeting Cards and Hanukah Photo Greeting Cards.

Multiple designs are available

There are literally hundreds of greeting card designs to choose from many with the option to choose multiple images in both horizontal and vertical format. Photo greeting cards with square openings for Instagram photos are also accomadated.

How are the greeting cards printed?

The photo greeting cards are printed with the same process as photo prints with a wet silver halide photo printer.

What if I need help

Help is available in store. Simply bring your image in in either print format or on a jump drive, thumb drive or cd/dvd and one of the friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

Custom Design Service

After browsing hundreds of designs in our design collections if you still do not see what you are looking for or there is a photo greeting card design that is close but not quite the right holiday card one of our professional designers can design or modify a photo card that is just right for you.


Online Christmas Cards
Online Christmas Cards
Christmas Celebration : Online greetings cards , New
Christmas Celebration : Online greetings cards , New ...
Get Your Santa On Christmas Card Online Class Card 1 of 6
Get Your Santa On Christmas Card Online Class Card 1 of 6
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