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May 9, 2016

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modern-ecards-small1Ecards these days are not merely restricted to static images with accompanying background music and plain text. There is a whole gamut of multimedia tools that you can play with to create and customize your cards the way you want to, thanks to the advancements in technology!

Animated ecards:

Animated ecards are the first step in enhancing static ecards. They create motion and shape change illusions of static images thus making the cards more appealing. Emphasis on text, changing images or change in background or text color are common features of animated ecards.

Flash ecards:

Flash ecards are the most common format in use today. The use of flash technology enables you to create two-dimensional vector animations controlled with a scripting language. These are usually animated clips of short duration with accompanying music or speech. Some may be interactive, requiring the participation of the recipients in terms of clicking on certain objects to elicit a response, while some would only require the passive observation of the recipients.’s internal data shows that most users tend to send flash cards over other types.

Video ecards:

These allow you to combine a personalized text with a video-clip to convey your message. It works like a mini movie that uses visuals and text to convey the message.

Web-based multimedia ecards:

These enable users to create online greeting cards based on their preferences. So the user can choose the backgrounds, add images, animations, emoticons, create avatars and put in the text that they like and change its fonts. The ecard may also contain videos and music. Some sites also allow users to upload photographs, wherefrom the faces are selected and embedded onto their animations to achieve a higher level of personalization.


We also have the mobile ecard or mcard, which is basically a picture SMS or a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Like ecards, mcards can contain multiple pictures, music and text messages. They can be sent from the PC to mobile devices by entering the recipient’s mobile number on the website, which the recipients receive in the form of an MMS.

Mcards may not be as popular anymore due to the advent of new mobile applications and messaging services.

Perhaps the latest and most significant advancement is that ecards are now optimized to be viewed on mobiles or tablets thus allowing sending and receiving them on the go. Various mobile applications, such as 123Greetings Mobile App,



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