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May 29, 2017

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On the surface, these may seem like regular justWink cards, but we took our standard methods of card creation and added the dust from ground-up unicorn hooves (antibiotic-free, locally sourced, and humanely raised, of course). We also added steroids. Lots of ‘em. The results are the most super-exclusive, single-tear-inducing, bestest greeting cards we’ve ever made. Buy any primo pack (12 cards) for $1.99 or be a complete baller and get a whole volume (That’s 60 cards!) for just $3.99.


If you think about it, holidays are just like regular days, but waaay more special. That's basically what justWink primo packs are, but with greeting cards-pretty much a perfect match. Have a look!

volume 1

Volume 1 is the OG of primo pack collections. The alpha. The grandaddy (but totally young granddaddy who probably had a kid super early) of them all. It's got drinking cards, cheer up cards, love cards, and cards to say "thanks for being awesome." It even has a dozen totally inappropriate cards, just for good measure. Still don't have Volume 1 yet? Take a peek and see the greeting card awesomeness for yourself.

volume 2

Our greeting card scientists stopped, collaborated, and listened. Now, after a series of broken dreams and failed prototypes (sorry, robotic greeting-card bunny), we're proud to say that we're back with our brand new invention: virtual glitter and sparkles. (Hooray!) Volume 2 has cute cards, 80s and 90s cards, and a whole set of cards with cats (because cats)-all infused with a healthy dose of fancy. Word to your mother. (Literally-there's a primo pack with family cards.)

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