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March 21, 2016

Where to Find the Best

Do you have a client who is more vocal than others? So inadvertently you end up doing more work for them than anyone else? That’s because they’re front of mind. The key to growing your business is to become front of mind for your customers and clients.

Client relationships are at the core of most service-based businesses, so nurturing them should be at the top of your priority list. But the reality is that most of your clients are busy, because well, we’re all busy. So sending your best-wishes for the holiday period over client drinks, or even something as simple as a phone call might be off the cards for some of you at this time of year. That’s where e-cards come in.

Lucky for you, the silly season is the best and maybe even the easiest time to start.

Sending an e-card for the holiday season can do many things:

  • It shows clients that you’re thinking of them
  • It puts your business back at the front of your client’s mind
  • It’s more personal than a generic social media post
  • It creates a marketing opportunity
  • It can establish trust and build relationships
  • It’s eco friendly because there’s no paper involved


Sending an e-card is as simple as selecting a design, adding in the personal details and clicking send. No trip to the post office, no buying stationery, no messy handwriting, and no looking up client postal addresses. Sending an e-card really is one of the fastest, minimal effort methods of reaching your clients.

Cost effective

Again, no printing, no stationery, and no postage costs.


Just as you might sit down and handwrite a card to post, you can personalise your e-card, but in a fraction of the time. Consider adding unique photos relevant to the client, messages about your relationship or perhaps some of your successes with the client this year.

Don’t send one e-card to all of your clients. One of the main purposes of sending an e-card is to build your rapport and boost business. Use the opportunity to its full potential by creating a unique card suited to the individual client.

Don’t miss the marketing opportunity

You’re sending a card right to a client who already knows you, pays your bills and, stating the obvious, is already a fan of your work. Why not use the opportunity to encourage them to up their spend with you? Maybe you’ve started a new line of the business that might be suited to them, so tell them about it. Or simply use the e-card as a way to say thanks for their business, and give them a discount or some extra love with products or one-off promotions.

Ok I’m convinced! How do I send an e-card?

It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Select a tool to design the card, such as:
  2. Add in your personalised message, your logo (if you like) and for any offers you’re promoting, perhaps with a link to the relevant page on your site.
  3. Send it off.

The end of the year is often a hectic time in our personal lives and our businesses. Thankfully sending an e-card takes minimal effort and can have a large impact. Use this opportunity to reconnect with your clients and show them that you appreciate their business. You’ll end the year in your clients good books, and at the front of their minds when business starts back up again in January.


The BEST 2012 Christmas E-card You Will Ever Get
The BEST 2012 Christmas E-card You Will Ever Get
Best Christmas e-card (send to friends)
Best Christmas e-card (send to friends)
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