How to make Valentine Cards online?

August 9, 2013


width="300"A handmade Valentine's Day card goes a long way to show you care. Here are some simple DIY valentine ideas to help you express your feelings to the one you love.

1. Sequins

Cloud 9 Workshop

2. Heart art

Turn your or your child's abstract art into heart balloons.

Alison Sherwood

3. Thumbprint heart

Show that your love is one of a kind with a thumbprint heart.

4. Light my fire

width="300"Cover a matchbox with black paper, fill with red hots or other candy and write your valentine a note with chalk.

Ciera Holzenthal

5. TP stamp

Turn an empty toilet paper roll into a heart stamp.

6. Wine cork stamps

7. Lucky in love

Affix a penny from the year you met, started dating or were married.

8. 3D heart

Cut out two large hearts and two slightly smaller hearts. Trim one side of each of the large hearts to be smaller than the medium hearts. Glue the larger halves of the large hearts next to one another on the card, to form one large heart with two small flaps sticking up. Then nest the two smaller hearts on either side and glue one half of each down.

width="300" Alison Sherwood

9. Map your love

Cut a heart out of a map of a place special to you and your loved one. Sew it to a card or just draw stitches and glue it down.

10. I heart newspaper

Newsprint can win your loved one's heart – be sure to choose a story about love or a subject they're into.

11. Pointillism

Use puffy paint to create a pointillism heart for your valentine.

12. Heart envelope

13. i love you

Say "I love you" with a heart - literally.


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