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May 23, 2019

Butterfly lollipop card

Each of our cardmakers in the Philippines has escaped sex trafficking and is establishing a new life through making beautiful cards.Our cardmakers may utilize pseudonyms to protect their identities.
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The eldest of five siblings, Abbie was in the middle of her first semester in college before money ran out and she had to withdraw. She resorted to doing anything that would help earn something for her family. For Abbie, running out of money caused her life to spiral out of control. Now that she's earning a strong wage again, Abbie can start to save and get her life back on track to finish school.

What is your favorite card?
"Birthday Hoot." It's fun.

What are your dreams?
I would like to improve at work and become a trainer. Given the chance, I would like to study Office Administration at Pateros Technological College.


Aiza has always struggled to believe the future could get better. As the eldest of four siblings, she was expected to provide for the rest of her family. She moved out and began working as a prostitute. After living on the streets for a few years, a friend introduced her to a local charity partnering with Good Paper. For six months, she spent her days with women escaping prostitution, but still worked the streets at night because she couldn't imagine how her life could improve. Aiza finally became convinced. Today, making cards with other women keeps her busy and helps her cope with the hardships she endured while on the streets.

What's it like to work at Good Paper?
We're friends. And we work in groups to find who is best at certain tasks. I take the training very seriously and have been able to use all the training I've received.

Do you like being a cardmaker?
Yes! I focus wholeheartedly on the work, because it is not just about making a card, but making something beautiful. Making the cards brings out my creativity.


The fifth of ten children, Amanda is no stranger to big families. Amanda has always helped to provide for her large family, but she didn't realize the new "family" she would gain at work. At eighteen years old, Amanda is one of the youngest cardmakers, and she has already made many happy memories.

What do you like best about working?
I like the bonding with friends. I would miss them, and all the times we spend laughing together.

What are your dreams?
I want to meet my family's needs. I want to go to school for Hotel and Restaurant Services.

What is your favorite card?
I like "Brighter Days." The dog is cute.


Christiana describes herself as a survivor. At 14 years of age, she successfully left behind the horrors of child sex trafficking. Working at Good Paper is another step toward claiming victory over a painful past and looking forward to the future.

What's it like to work for Good Paper?
I've learned to manage my time. At the beginning, things weren't so organized. It was us cardmakers that would decide what time we'd go to work. That's why we'd always come late! But now, I wake up early and leave the house early. I've also learned how to be more presentable at work. We wear a uniform. It's more dignified.

What do you like best about yourself?
I used to not care about anything that other people said. And then I began to listen to other people. I used to think I was struggling through such tough circumstances, and then you discover that others have gone through even more challenging experiences. Then you start to think that you've actually been lucky.

What is your favorite card?
The Sympathy Tree.


Crystal's life was marked by chaos. Financial and health problems forced her to drop out of school when she was 13 and, with money scarce, she soon found herself selling her body at a local bar. This was a very dark experience, in an intensely self-destructive environment. She worked at the bar for years. A street outreach team brought her to Good Paper, and she discovered that making cards made her happy. She swore never to go back to that bar.

What are your dreams?
I just want to live a happy, peaceful life with my family.

What is your favorite card?
"Batik Peace Dove." Sometimes I find myself talking to the card, earnestly asking that peace be given to my family.


Edna is the ate, or "older sister, " to the women working for Good Paper. At 38 years old, she is the oldest cardmaker, and she has plenty of advice from which the other women and girls can learn. For her, it is her camaraderie with the women that makes the day most enjoyable. She appreciates the honesty they share with one another.

What are your dreams?
I have five children. I want them to graduate from high school, even though I didn't. I am thankful I am able to provide for all of them.


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