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May 25, 2012

Christmas Cards ~ Video

Send your family and friends Celtic Christmas Greetings Cards this holiday season complete with Celtic Christmas music!

Holiday Card of Celtic Christmas Songs

10 CDs ($3.50 each) = $35
25 CDs ($3.00 each) = $75
50 CDs ($2.50 each) = $125
Plus shipping
Email if you need greater quantities.

If you want to purchase individual CDs for just the music, then follow these links for CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

How It Works

Special note: The card is designed to look look like a mailing card. HOWEVER, you will need a protective CD mailing envelope to mail the “card” without damage to the physical CD.

Hundreds of Christmas cards are sold and mailed each year. But few touch home for me as a Celtic and Scots-Irish descendant. I want a Celtic Christmas Greeting Card that you and I both will be more than happy to send to our family and friends.

This Celtic Christmas card contains a musical twist. Each card will also feature my Celtic Christmas CD.

To make it possible, I decided to drop the price super low so that I could sell Greeting Card/CDs in bulk. The more Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Just imagine your best friend opening their mailbox to find a “greeting card”. On one side they see their address surrounded by Celtic knotwork. On the other front, they see a beautiful Celtic design that proudly states–“Celtic Christmas Greetings”. They open up the card and read your warm message of Christmas friendship and love.

Then they open the pocket to reveal a beautiful CD. They smile with delight as they stick it into their computer and listen to fun, upbeat Celtic Christmas music that reminds you of Bing Crosby, Irish Rovers, and Celtic Thunder.

The goal here is first and foremost to create a gorgeous Celtic Christmas Greeting Card. But the music will bring peace, joy and happiness throughout the Christmas season.

Last year, I printed some beautiful Celtic Christmas cards using the cover of an compilation CD of amazing Celtic Christmas music, released in conjunction with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the Celtic Christmas Podcast. The album was a HUGE hit on Kickstarter because it fulfilled a need for true Celtic Christmas music.

I want a new Celtic Christmas cards this year. But I thought I’d do something different. Since I also recorded a few new Celtic Christmas songs, why not combine those two?

What Songs Will Be on Celtic Christmas Greetings?

The album will consist of the four songs I recorded last year for my EP Celtic Christmas Songs:

  • The Scottish King of Christmas
  • Celtic Christmas Elf
  • Christmas in Scotland
  • Silent Night

It will also feature several new songs that I recorded this year, including:

  • Christmas in Killarney
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,
  • Frosty the Irish Snowman
  • Christmas in the Shire
  • Jingle Bells

What Does the Greeting Card Look Like?

It’s tough promoting a greeting card that has no design. However, I am dedicated to bringing you the best I can find.

To offer you a truly magical Celtic Christmas experience, I’ve enlisted the aid of Ingrid Houwers. She is one of the biggest names in traditional-styled Celtic art online. Ingrid designed several of my past album covers and graphics including my Celtic Cat Logo. She’s a brilliant artist who’s work has even been featured in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Who Performs on the Musical Part of Celtic Christmas Greetings?

The album largely features music by me, Marc Gunn. I am an award-winning rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats.


Merry Christmas greeting cards with sing along songs
Merry Christmas greeting cards with sing along songs ...
Christmas Greeting Postcard With Music
Christmas Greeting Postcard With Music
Christmas Greeting Card With Music || Christmas Postcard Video
Christmas Greeting Card With Music || Christmas Postcard Video
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