Homemade Christmas Greeting cards

March 9, 2013

For this Mission, we asked you to help protect the Boreal Forest by making your own holiday cards out of materials that you have around your home instead of buying new cards. We were amazed with how many of you took on this Mission!

11, 359 Earth Rangers accepted the Homemade Holiday Mission

Get your craft on and help the Boreal Forest by accepting the Homemade Holiday Mission! The holiday season may be over but you can still make cards for birthdays, other holidays and even just to say thank you to someone special.

Let’s hear what some Earth Rangers had to say about Homemade Holiday

cubaCreated holiday cards for my parents from recycled materials. Trying to recycle in awareness of habitat loss in boreal forest
Earth Ranger Abigail – Made 2 Homemade Holiday Cards

I’ve made 12 cards and I’m still going. I used newspaper, cereal boxes, last year’s Christmas cards, old buttons and piano paper.
Earth Ranger Cuba – Made 12 Homemade Holiday Cards

I decided to make one holiday greeting card using Christmas symbols such has snowman and gingerbreads. I would cut out these items out of plastic bags that my sister would get. Also the message I put in my card was that when you get this card send it to another person and just keep sending it to your friends and family. I called it a reusable card I had a lot of fun collecting and making these holiday greeting cards.
Earth Ranger Sarah – Made 1 Homemade Holiday Card

We made Christmas gift boxes from old used Christmas Cards.
Earth Ranger Evan

EvanI made cards and origami paper dolls from scrap paper as gifts for my friends and family.
Earth Ranger Milena – Made 18 Homemade Holiday Cards

I created some cards with my little brother. We are giving them to our babysitters, Auntie and Uncle. We used buttons, glitter and glue on card stock paper.
Earth Ranger Kara – Made 3 Homemade Holiday Cards

One word… AWESOME! I made the cards look like mini Christmas trees. All the materials that I used are reused. And it got even better when I put some music on! There was dancing and singing along to songs. But the best part was that I got to help save the boreal forest!
Earth Ranger Nicola – Made 9 Homemade Holiday Cards

It was fun. I spent 2 weeks on it. I made everything by myself and did not copy anything on youtube. I liked this mission because it was fun and a lot of work too!
Earth Ranger Nick – Made 1 Homemade Holiday Card

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Homemade Greeting Cards: Happy Holidays Cards : Homemade
Homemade Greeting Cards: Happy Holidays Cards : Homemade ...
Homemade Greeting Cards
Homemade Greeting Cards
Homemade Christmas Cards
Homemade Christmas Cards
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