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July 20, 2023

Christmas Card Printable

Shining Reflection Christmas Cards 5.25x5.25" Tri-fold
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Are you looking for a Christmas card that has enough room for you to tell a story while still sparing space for those pretty portraits? Then look no further than trifold Christmas cards. With three fantastically festive panels, fill your trifold Christmas cards full of family photographs and personalized messages. Your loved ones are going to rave once they receive these gorgeous Christmas story cards in the mail.

Each of our trifold Christmas cards provides enough room for you to write your very own holiday message, making your card incredibly intimate. Also, with so much extra space, there's no need to worry about having to decide on which picture to put on your card. Why not put them all? Some templates even allow you the option to upload over ten pictures, making trifold Christmas cards ideal for showing relatives how much your little ones have grown. Each of our Christmas story cards are also adorned with beautiful holiday themes that will immediately put recipients in the Christmas spirit. Whether you prefer red candy cane stripes or opulent ornaments, trifold Christmas cards appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Since every year brings countless new adventures and events, Christmas is the perfect time to update friends and relatives about all the exciting things that your family has experienced. When you try fold Christmas cards, you have the option to send your loved ones a snapshot of everything that has happened in the past year. Those closest to you will be thrilled to unfold this unique card, ready to indulge in every detail.

While trifold Christmas cards showcase as many pictures as a full sized photo album and can bear a story fit for a small book, don't expect these cards to hang your holiday budget out to dry. Christmas story cards offer amazing value at an awesome price while never sacrificing quality.

Friends and family will love displaying your trifold Christmas cards in a place where their guests can see. The marvelously folded design and lovely layouts guarantee that your card will stand apart from the mantel. With cards that cause so much joy, why not try folded Christmas cards this holiday season?

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Tri-Fold Christmas Cards by
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