Collage Christmas cards

March 13, 2022

Collage Christmas cards

1As the song says.. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wouldn’t you agree? It’s so wonderful that you shouldn’t have to worry about searching for someone to make your Christmas cards or worry about how you can afford them. Instead, you can make your own with Fotor! offers various ways to create the most unique and adorable Christmas cards for your family to mail out to your friends and family. What’s even better is that we also have a feature called Cards that have pre-made templates for you to simply fill out!

Here are some tips on creating the perfect Christmas card:

Simple and Clean

2If you want to simply have a photo of your family on your card with a little blurb on what is going on in your life, then simply upload your picture and place it into one of our cheery templates! Just center the photo, add a little effect if you like, and you’re done! Simple is classic and timeless.. Not to mention if you have no time, it’s your best choice!

Take Layout into Consideration

Some of our card templates have space for a landscape oriented photo while other have space for a portrait oriented photo. This is important to note because if you try and squeeze a landscape photo into a portrait space, your photo with appeared zoomed in and you won’t be able to change that. Simply pick a template that works with your photo so you can perfectly display them!

Let It Snow!

Fotor has added new Christmas-time effects onto our usual Effects feature under Edit. Before you use your photos for the Cards feature, you can simply edit them to have a snowy overlay effect. Then, when you add them to your Christmas card, you will have even more of a winter time feel!

3Who are you Fooling?

Does your family live in a warm place like San Diego or Miami? Or do you live in the Southern Hemisphere where you spend your Christmas on the beach? Does adding snow seem like it will fool none of your family members? Then why not embrace the warm weather and take your family photos on the beach! Nothing is better than a creative Christmas Card.. I bet none of your other friends will have a nice blue ocean as the background to their Christmas card!

Don’t Forget Your Furry Family Members!

4Fido is just as much of a family member as anyone else.. you don’t want to leave him out! Make sure your adored pets are part of your Christmas card too! Have them sit in front of the family photo or give them their own mini photo shoot with a cute Christmas hat on!

Use our Collage feature to create a Christmas card with multiple photos of your choosing! We have various collage options that have blank space that is perfect for adding text to. Write your family and friends a little holiday greeting and let them know you care!

2. Magazine

We have just released some new Magazine templates that are Christmas themed. These are perfect for displaying your holiday photos. Plus, some of the templates even allow you to change the text and have it say what you want it to!

Using the Collage and Magazine features as your base, you can add even more flare to your cards by adding stickers to them! We even released some Christmas specific stickers that will give your photos some more Holiday cheer!

Whether you decide to mail our letters or email them to your friends and family, Fotor is here to help! The Holidays should be a time of joy and happiness, not stress! Hopefully these tips will help to make your holidays that much easier.

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