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March 19, 2020


Everyone loves a good eCard.

They’re free to distribute, they’re fun and they’re an excellent way to show the human side of your brand.

Whether you’re revving up for Hanukkah, Ramadan or Christmas - there’s an eCard for every holiday. They’re visual, smile-inducing and highly sharable. That’s why we made it super easy for you to create and distribute a customizable, branded eCard.

How do I make an eCard?

  1. Design a simple eCard background with your logo (hint: Canva is a great, free tool for beginners)
  2. Upload your eCard(s) to an easy-to-use Tradable Bits eCard campaign
  3. Choose your customization level: allow fans to add text, stickers or share only
  4. Promote your eCard URL through social and email channels or embed on your website
  5. Collect contacts and demographic information as people share your eCard

What does my business gain from a branded eCard?

As the Vancouver Canucks proved with their viral ugly sweater eCard, fans love to engage with their favourite brands during the holidays. Playful, interactive eCards present your fans the opportunity to give their friends and you a gift with just a few clicks. You gain:

  • More brand awareness to likeminded new audiences
  • High engagement rates and propagation in News Feed
  • Human experience of your brand values for your customers
  • Demographics and contact information for your engaged fans

1. A Holiday for Everyone eCard

Promote multicultural awareness this holiday season with inclusive eCards for every winter holiday. Check out ours.

2. Funny “Brand Family” Photo eCard

Take a hilarious photo of your team and encourage fans to share it with their friends. Creating funny stickers for your fans to use to “dress up” your team mates adds extra fun and personality. Here’s how the Vancouver Canucks rocked it.

3. Choose Your Own Holiday Special eCard

Promote sales and engagement with a customizable eCard that allows fans to pick which holiday they special they’d love most. Create pre-designed stickers that they can mix and match to create “50% off” + “shoes” or “BOGO” + “slippers” or whatever suits your product. Fans will be grateful and want to share the sweet deal with their friends!

Holiday Garland Choose your own holiday special ecard

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