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December 19, 2021

Valentines Day Pictures, Cards

Walgreens Photo App #shopThank you to Walgreens for sponsoring today’s post through Collective Bias. I am a huge fan of creating photo holiday cards with the Walgreens Photo App. The Walgreens Photo App saves me so much time, energy and effort year round! When it comes to the holidays I need all the time saving I can get.

Walgreens Photo App 4 #shopSo I have to admit something…..I promised my mother-in-law photos from last year’s Thanksgiving and well I still have not gotten them to her. I keep meaning to order them and then forgetting. Yep I said last year’s Thanksgiving. So this year I am on a mission to not forget and get this years photos to her as soon as I can.

I am all about multi tasking this time of year. As we were sitting at a Spokane Chiefs game I realized I could use the Walgreens Photo App to order photos for my mother-in-law while I waited for intermission to be over.

I was able to pull up the Walgreens photo app on my phone and quickly order photos, create our photo holiday card and a thank you card for my mother-in-law all during the hockey intermission!

It is so easy to order photos from the Walgreens Photo App! When I say easy I mean crazy easy!

Walgreens Photo App #shopI had to giggle a bit that I was ordering photos while waiting for the hockey game to start. Some days technology still amazes me. I remember having to wait for the 35mm film to be processed and returned to the store. Now we can just click a button on our phone and order photos within an hour at Walgreens.

It only took me 3 minutes to order a ton of holiday cards and photos with the Walgreens Photo App! I guess my excuse of not having time to order pics is long gone now.

Walgreens Holiday Photos #shopOn our way home from the hockey game we picked up the photos and photo holiday card at our local Walgreens. I am so excited to shock my mother-in-law this year with photos within a few days of Thanksgiving. I don’t think she is going to know what to say. We also arranged to have her carpets cleaned this week as a holiday thank you for all she does for us. I made up a Thank You Photo Card from Walgreens to leave at her house.

Oh wait are you wondering about the holiday cards that I ordered….Here is a sneak peak of our cards

There were so many holiday cards to pick from. I thought these cards were super cute and fun. I do believe this has been one of our best years ever so the card is just plain perfect.

Walgreens Photo App 5 #shop Walgreens Xmas Card #shop

Valentines Day Rose for my sweet heart - valentines day e-card
Valentines Day Rose for my sweet heart - valentines day e-card
Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Cards and Pictures
Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Cards and Pictures
Valentine Day Cards!
Valentine Day Cards!
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