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July 13, 2016

Free 2011 Valentines Day E

5 Awesome Sites To Find Free Valentine’s Day eCards

These days, to give your loved one a perfect Valentine’s day experience, you need to begin with a good Valentine’s Day e-Card. Finding the right one isn’t easy, but more than half the work is done for you when you go on the right website for your needs. The following five are the best the Internet has to offer in this regard, pretty much covering every option.

1. Hallmark eCards

When you think of cards that get attached to anything – from birthday presents to weddings and pretty much any conceivable event you might be going to in your life, Hallmark probably has you covered. It offers the biggest variety you’ll get to feast your eyes on for Valentine’s day included, without focusing just one on genre. You can be funny, cheesy, romantic or old fashioned with how you e-Card your loved one for Valentine’s, and it’s pretty easy to make your way around so you don’t spend too much time finding the perfect card.

2. American Greetings ecards

Not that different from Hallmark in concept, but you’ll find a different style of e-cards for Valentine’s on American Greetings. The twist here? Less animated compared to hallmark. Still funny and weird which makes them delightful, but involves more photoshopping of real people or animals into the cards. Not everyone likes the same thing, so it’s good to have different options.

3.CrossCards eCards

free Valentine’s Day crosscards ecards CrossCards focus a lot on greeting via food, which is completely fine. But to more easily point out the difference here compared to Hallmark and American Greetings, they focus on being completely romantic on, well, the official day of romance, which makes a lot of sense. There are cards which have more cuteness to them than just cheesy love dripping out of them, but the overall idea here isn’t to be funny and maybe make fun of your Valentine’s, but to really show them how much you love them.

4. BlueMountain eCards

Bluemountain do offer other things besides funny e-Cards for Valentine’s day, but their humor section, while not too big, is the best they have to offer, with their dog animations their strongest asset. Again, they don’t exactly invent the wheel on this corner of the market, but for people who love cute-funny videos that probably involve pets in them, this is the e-Card site for you.

5. 123cards eCards

Like CrossCards, are about the romance in Valentine’s day, with a touch of humor, but mostly going for the cute, cuddly side of your personality with babies (a strong hint to those getting to that point in their lives) and puppies, which always make for a perfect attachment to any Valentine’s day greeting.


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