Get well soon greeting card messages

August 29, 2021

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Get Well Messages

Use these get well messages for a coworker, friend, or relative. These are general enough to get a message started. Then fill in some more details. While adding more, keep in mind to keep the message simple, encouraging, and positive. Help the person feel at least a little better.
  • If you got better yesterday, it wouldn't be soon enough!
  • We miss you and wish for you to get well soon!
  • I am sorry you are not feeling well. I am praying for healing.
  • I hope you get feeling better soon. I don't like that you are sick.
  • We pray that God will watch over you, heal you, comfort you, and give you peace at this time.
  • Please make sure you get the rest that you need, so you can get well soon.
  • If you feel alone when you are sick, remember that I am thinking of you and God is with you no matter what is going on.
  • Getting sick is just a reminder of how fragile we all are. You've had enough of a reminder. Now get well soon!
  • I wish you hadn't gotten sick, but since that already happened, now I'm wishing that you'll get well soon.
  • It doesn't seem fair that someone as nice as you would get sick. I guess life isn't fair.
  • Just think of all the things you and I will do when you get well soon. Hurry up! I can't wait!
  • Don't make me wait too long to hear that you are all better!
  • I am wishing you good cheer and a quick recovery!
  • We hope your condition improves each day until you are back to normal soon.
  • We love you and miss you at home. Get better soon!

Funny Get Well Card Messages

These funny get well messages are not always appropriate. If an ill person likes to laugh, then one of these may work well. Laughter is the best medicine, right?
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Get Well Soon!
Get Well Soon!
Get Well Soon Card
Get Well Soon Card
Get Well Soon Greeting Card
Get Well Soon Greeting Card
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