Holiday Cards mailed for you

December 27, 2016

Holiday Cards

Holiday CardsIt’s the busiest time of year for millions of assistants around the world with dozens of extra tasks this month, most notably the dreaded – er “exciting” holiday card mailing for their managers. This is a busy season for RedCape as well because we’re one of the first people you call when you need help. So this year, I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get those holiday cards out the door fast and error free!

#1 (Free) 70-Minute On Demand Webinar: “5 Timesaving secrets of Mail Merge”

In this webinar I walk through my favorite timesaving tips when performing Mail Merge on PC & Mac. One of my examples is the holiday card mailing.

#2 (Free) 11-Minute YouTube Video: “Create name tags using the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word”

Only have a few minutes to learn some tips? In my most popular YouTube video, learn how to effortlessly create name badges. But what does that have to do with holiday cards? Answer: a ton! Name tags are essentially a version of a mailing label. So use these same steps for creating mailing labels for your holiday cards as you would name tags!

“What a HUGE help! I was overwhelmed before watching this video, but in a matter of minutes, my file was created! THANK YOU!” ~ Ashley Brian

#3 Mail Merge Boot Camp (On Demand)

The intensive 3-part Boot Camp is for you if you have mailings that require data clean up, advanced filtering and streamlined process to make it easier each year. We also walk through all types of mail merge scenarios such as name badges, table tent cards (you won’t believe the trick to get names on the front and back), personalized email messages, letters, and more! If you truly want to master the process so that you can save time each year and reduce errors, invest in the Boot Camp for your learning library to access anytime, anyplace. It’s like having me right there with you all year ’round. Get more info

Boot Camp students get free access to my live Office Hours session on December 9th. See #4 below.

#4 Live Office Hours on Dec 9th

Want me to solve your biggest challenge during my next live Office Hours call? On December 9th at 12pm Eastern I’ll answer anything and everything Mail Merge, including Holiday Cards. This session is free for RedCape Academy members and for students in our Mail Merge Boot Camp (see #3 above).

#5 One-on-one guidance with a Master Instructor

Wishing you much success with your holiday cards this season. We hope these resources will help you work less, but better so that you can do more in less time, reduce late hours at the office, and produce better results faster.


Holiday Mail for Heroes - Walter Reed Card Deliveries 2010
Holiday Mail for Heroes - Walter Reed Card Deliveries 2010
Holiday Mail for Heroes: Cards Arrive at Walter Reed
Holiday Mail for Heroes: Cards Arrive at Walter Reed ...
Postable - Holiday Cards Mailed For You
Postable - Holiday Cards Mailed For You
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