New job greeting card messages

June 8, 2019


What to Write in a New Job Card

Finding a new job is an arduous task for many people. So, during the process of job hunting, people may need some encouragement. Then once people get a job, they will need a good congratulations and best wishes.

These are examples of new job congratulations card messages. Also, you will find good luck and best wishes for looking for a new job on this page. Find something personal or meaningful to add to these types of messages in order to create a more comprehensive message.

Best Wishes Messages for New Job Cards Examples

  1. Adjusting to a new job can be a challenge, but I know that you'll be up to the task. Congratulations!
  2. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I know that our loss is going to be your new coworkers’ gain. I know you will do great work wherever you work. Stay in touch.
  3. Nice work getting work! Nice job getting a new job!
  4. Starting a new job is really exciting. We’re happy for you and wish you the best of luck in your new position.
  5. Way to go! You landed a great job! We’re wishing you all the dreams that you hope would come true in your new job.
  6. Having a new job can be a great blessing. We just happen to be wishing you a good, high paying, and fun blessing.
  7. We just wanted to send you a little message of congratulations. It’s good to hear that you were successful in your job hunt.
  8. You beat the odds and the other candidates. Nice job getting a new job.
  9. We’re hoping your job is very rewarding and gives you a sense of purpose. Congratulations! Keep working hard.
  10. One of the things that makes parents proud is when their kids finally get the job that they deserve. Congratulations on all your hard work finally paying off. We hope it continues to pay off well, because we don’t want you to move back in with us. We love you, mom and dad.
  11. Congratulations on getting a new job. We hope this one turns out to be a lot more pleasant and rewarding.
  12. It’s good to hear that you got the job that you wanted. We’re hoping that it becomes a strong foundation for a new lifestyle.
  13. Hey, now that you found a job, let me know what your schedule is so we can hang out. I’m looking forward to getting together with you soon. Good luck in your new job.
  14. We’re hoping your new job isn't too much work. Take it easy.
  15. We heard you got a new job, but remember that you still have to answer to the same boss.

Good Luck Finding a New Job

  1. We’re praying that God opens a door by allowing you to get into a job that He can use you and that He will use to bless you. It is all in His hands and His timing.
  2. Good luck with the job hunt. We know it’s tough, but if any employer has any sense we are sure they will make a good decision and hire you. We’re looking forward to hearing good news. Keep us updated on your progress, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.
  3. We hope you find the perfect job, at the perfect company, with perfect coworkers, and with perfect hours and perfect pay. Good luck getting everything you are looking for in your new job.
  4. We know you are looking for a job diligently. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off eventually.
  5. Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes on your job search. We know that you will be successful wherever you end up. Feel free to use me as a reference in your job searching.
  6. We’re hoping you get a foot in the door with no problem, because we know that once you do, you will get a job with no problem. Your strong character will take you far.
  7. If you’re looking for a job to do, you can come over to my house and mow my yard. I’ll pay you minimum wage.
  8. Hey, we’re hoping you find a new job, and I know that if you were a job candidate for me I wouldn't hire you. So, I’m hoping you get lucky. Don’t be yourself in the interview. Just kidding.

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