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May 11, 2019

Branch seasonal greetings

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There are many traditions we follow at Christmas time. Giving presents to friends and family, decorating the Christmas tree, preparing a huge turkey dinner, over-indulging on egg-nog, and perhaps one of the oldest traditions of all is sending out seasonal greeting cards to all of our loved ones.

All of those traditions are pretty much unbreakable and set in stone. Except the last one I mentioned. Year after year we send out millions upon millions of greeting cards, but why do we do this when we could just as easily take advantage of all of the digital tools we currently have at our disposal, like After Effects and email, and instantly send a video greeting card instead?

Seasonal video cards are much more fun, they’re more personal, and they’re also surprisingly easy to create, as the below examples will illustrate.

Christmas Pop-Up Book

Just imagine the smile on your clients or your families face after you send them this beautifully animated Christmas Pop-Up Book. It’s very easy to customize, all you really have to do is drop in your logo, edit your personalised message and change the colors with Color Control.

Traditional Christmas Greeting

Accompanied by a ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ track by AudioQuattro, this atmospheric and traditional Christmas holiday video card would be perfect for sending out to your corporate clients.

Illustrated Christmas Video Card

This full HD (1920×1080) Illustrated Christmas video card After Effects project includes over 70(!) optional illustrations, in both PNG and PSD formats, and despite the project’s size, is surprisingly easy to customize. It does also include a detailed PDF tutorial.

Humourous Christmas Ident

The flat-styled and full HD Humourous Christmas Ident After Effects project template is very easy to customize and includes an easy to follow tutorial. This template would also work nicely as a Christmas greeting message on your website.

Polaroid-Style Photo Gallery

This full HD Polaroid-Style Photo Gallery After Effects project includes two different versions, five different titles, four resolution variations and also comes with a comprehensive video tutorial. This video card may not be suited for sending to your clients, but your family and friends would certainly appreciate it.

Jolly Christmas Santa

This full HD (1280×720) Christmas Santa template is very to easy to customize for anyone with some After Effects knowledge. It also comes bundled with a comprehensive tutorial, so would also be great for beginners as well.

Photorealistic Christmas Photo Tree

Just like the the Polaroid Gallery above, this full HD (1920×1080) and photorealistic Christmas Photo Tree project would be ideal for sending to family and friends. It comes with an extended voice-over video tutorial, so shouldn’t take you too long to learn how to personalize it.


STAMPtember® Seasons Greetings Snowy Background Card
STAMPtember® Seasons Greetings Snowy Background Card
Seasons Greetings from Cardigan
Seasons Greetings from Cardigan
Dell Latin America Seasons Greetings Card
Dell Latin America Seasons Greetings Card
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