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December 17, 2017

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2. A Thank You Note

With the endless amount of options out there, is it really so much to ask that a business say "Thanks!" to a new customer? You might think that thank you notes have lost their impact, being that they are such a tried and true tactic, but you would be dead wrong:

In fact, it's been argued (and I would agree) that technology has actually made the handwritten note somewhat of a lost art, allowing it to leave an even larger impact today than it would have in years past, especially from a business.

"I feel appreciated as a customer... based on the principle of give to get, I feel like I want to reciprocate and help Jonathan and Grasshopper in the future, either through recommendation–or even in writing this article!"

Another great example is Jim Shuky's auto service, where the owner regularly sends out handwritten notes to new customers.

One such example :

“It’s little things like this that earn business. If I got this card I would never use another mechanic in my life.”

Well said, and a sentiment that many people share.

Thank you notes serve as an element within customer service that show you're willing go that extra mile for those that give you business. In many spaces, service really is the defining factor—as long as your mechanic gets your car fixed, most people don't sweat the details outside of price, but they do care deeply about how they are treated.

Here are some quick tips on writing a killer thank you note:

  • Be sure to mention the customer's name, and not for some gimicky persuasion reason, but because it's common courtesy!
  • Express your gratitude, clearly stating the reason for sending the note.
  • Mention details about what you enjoyed about your experience with this customer (a fantastic opportunity to be specific and thoughtful).
  • Allude to your future interactions with the customer (when will you make contact next?)
  • Close with professional but warm sign-off and a signature (examples: Best, Kindest Regards, Sincerely, Cheers, etc.)

Can't you find the time to show customers you care with a little handwritten gratitude?

3. Check in With Customers

In what is perhaps one of the more adorable forms of customer service ever, doggy day care center Bark Park sends out regular updates to customers on how their dog in doing... from the perspective of the dog!

Even if your business doesn't lend itself to something that personalized, remember through the power of email marketing (and tools like Mailchimp, Intercom, Campaign Monitor, or AWeber), you could always set up a follow-up email to check in with customer and see how they are doing.

This can be especially powerful for large purchases or "habit forming" purchases. If you sell products for a hobby, for instance, it might be nice to check in with those who have purchased a beginner's set or beginner equipment to see how they are doing.

Imagine the impression a business would leave if after buying your first set of golf clubs, you got an automated email from "Jim" asking you how they were treating you, and if you've been able to hit the driving range yet? Pretty powerful stuff, and all hinging on the very frugal cost of a personal follow-up email.

This is also useful for birthdays, holidays, or even better, some other personal event that you learned about from a customer.


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Watch Happy thank you more please Online Free
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Read Typography Parcel Thank You Notes Ebook Free
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