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April 9, 2014

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Talkdesk Call Center Software Features Greetings MessagesFor many companies, particularly startups, their call center is the heart of their customer service strategy. Customers seeking assistance are apt to reach out for phone support. And let’s face it: They’re not always pleased when they dial that number.

Modern customers expect real-time, personalized support.download our ebook on phone greeting types Call centers are the optimal channel for providing that support, but it’s not enough to just operate a call center. Your company needs to give customers an excellent customer service experience.

Call center software solutions allow companies to be flexible in their customer service by offering robust, adaptable and scalable call center software features. Combine all of this functionality with a cloud-based call center software solution and you have a multifaceted tool that will help you provide a data-driven and customizable customer journey.

One of the major tools in the arsenal of a call center software solution is the personalized greetings and messages feature. This call center software feature enables companies to customize messages based off of a variety of call center situations, such as call queues, voicemail and IVR greetings.

“Thank you for calling X, where customer service is our priority.”

“We are currently unavailable to take your call. Please leave a message or call back during our normal business hours.”

Click here to schedule your demo with Talkdesk.“Your business is important to us. Please hold while we connect your call.”

That being said, call center personalized greetings and messages have become so ubiquitous that many people are sick and tired of hearing the same old thing. My personal pet peeve is the “Your call is important to us” that is played repeatedly while I’m on a 20-minute hold.

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