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April 16, 2015

Sending snail mail is always

Easter CardI love to send greeting cards that have my family’s photos on them. Maybe it is because I like to show off my loves or that they seem a little more personal. Whatever the reason is, I love to send to them and receive them. I do not however, like to pay for them. Sending photo cards for every occasion can get super expensive and since I’m on a tight budget I have to get creative.

To make my family’s photo cards, I use PicMonkey which is free but to recreate the Easter one below you will have to have the Royal account. I buy in bulk blank cards with envelopes to print my creations off on. You can find them online at Amazon or in Target stores.

To make this Easter card, I used the collage creator on Picmonkey and added three of our family photos. Then I added the chalkboard swatch to the last photo area on the collage. I used a variety of different fonts and used the garnish overlay feature for the fancy leaf design. Here are the different fonts that I used:

DIY-Birth-AnnouncementSketch Block for ‘Easter’
Black Jack for ‘Greetings’
RNS Camelia for ‘The Fearon Family’
Learning Curve for ‘Pat, Jessi, Conner, & Collin’

I use this same process for our Christmas cards, children’s birth announcements, and birthday cards. This has saved us hundreds of dollars over the past year.

Here is an example of using Picmonkey to create your child’s birth announcements:

For the birth announcement, I used the cards layout option under Picmonkey’s collage creator. I personally like using 5×7 for our greeting cards. These are the fonts that I used:

Dead Hardy for ‘Collin Wyatt’
Geo Sans for ‘birth details’
Shadows into Light for ‘Proud Parents’

What do you do to save money on your family’s greeting cards?

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DIY Greeting Card
DIY Greeting Card
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DIY Greeting Cards
DIY Greeting Cards
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