Wire Greeting Card Holder

April 26, 2018

Greeting Card Displays

Greeting Card HoldersGreeting card display stands and racks are available in many styles. There are postcard stands crafted from acrylic and wire with different pocket styles. Displays2go offers greeting card display stands as counter spinners and floor spinners. The displays make it exceptionally easy for customers to look through the different postcard options. These greeting card display stands will help you increase sales on cards. The retail fixtures are offered in wire, metal and acrylic. Buy a floor spinner for the end of aisles or a countertop spinner to put at your register. These greeting card racks can be ordered with as few as 6 pockets and as many as 84 pockets. Users can make a small showcase or a massive exhibit. Displays2go provides these greeting card display stands in many styles to provide you the best variety on the internet. The greeting card display stands, which are store fixtures, increase the visibility of cards, making them more likely to sell.

What are the benefits of using greeting card holders in retail stores?
  • Greeting card display stands often feature a rotating design, allowing customers easy access to the entire selection of cards.
  • Different pocket amounts accommodate the needs of individual stores.
  • Acrylic and wire designs are available to match different themes or decors.

Postcard StandsSingle postcard racks are made out of durable acrylic. This plastic retail fixture is clear so users can examine the item without having to pull it out of the display. These single holders feature both landscape and portrait orientation. Spinner models include more holders for displaying many different card options. Some are made of plastic and others are crafted from metal wire. The metal wire card displays have two colors: black and white. These neutral colorings are sure to blend in with most environments. Users can compliment nearly any retail store with these beautiful countertop showcases.

Looking to increase point of sale purchases made on your birthday and holiday cards? These greeting card holders have a minimal footprint, allowing them to be placed near any checkout counter at any retail store. The rotating design featured on many of these fixtures allows customers to browse through a varying selection of cards in a short period of time. Placing these displays throughout any store, shop or boutique gives a subtle remind to customers purchasing gifts that they may also need a card. Own a tourist shop? Sell postcards for vacationers to send to loved ones or commemorate their trip.

Displays2go is a leading point of purchase display manufacturer. The retail displays on this page are one of our hundreds of product lines. Our complete online catalog consists of various thousand in stock P.O.P. displays. Look through the over 7, 000 advertising solutions right now! Most merchandise are available to ship the same day. In addition to our extensive stock display selection, we can customize most of our displays. This is a real company with real people located in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Source: www.displays2go.com

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