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October 21, 2020

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Top 10 Greeting Card CompaniesSince 1994, eCards have completely revolutionized the greeting card market. While several of the major greeting card companies manufacture both printed and digitized greeting cards, many companies still choose to specialize in either one format or the other. Here's a list of 10 of the most famous greeting card companies.


Founded in 1910 as a postcard company, Hallmark has grown to be one of the most famous greeting card companies in the world. Capitalizing on the popularity of postcards after the turn of the century, Hallmark soon began manufacturing Christmas and Valentine's Day cards, and sold the first commercially-produced gift wrap in 1917. Always an innovator, within the last several decades Hallmark has also branched out into Christmas tree ornaments that are avidly collected by enthusiasts. More recently, Hallmark created a website for its popular line of digitized eCards.


Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain started developing its first digitized cards in 1996. Today, it still continues to host a popular website business for buyers who prefer the convenience of sending eCards over mailing printed cards. Although it's still known under its own company name, Blue Mountain was sold to American Greetings in 2001.

American Greetings

Founded in 1906, American Greetings is considered to be the world's largest greeting card company, and produces a number of popular brands such as Papyrus, Carlton Cards, and Gibson. Like its main competitor, Hallmark, American Greetings also manufactures a full range of party supplies and gift wrap.



Founded in 1979, Galison is known for its wide range of highly sophisticated, artist-created paper products, which include greeting cards, boxed note cards, diaries, calendars, and stationery. The company started producing printed greeting cards in 1993, many of which feature images of iconic works of art, as well as innovative and elegant original designs.

Recycled Paper Greetings

Created in 1971 by entrepreneurs Phil Friedmann and Mike Keiser, this innovative company produces greeting cards printed on recycled paper. Over the years, the company has hired a number of artists, such as Sandra Boynton and cartoonist Cathy Guisewite, to create some of their designs. The company is also known for its cards with unusual, textured 3-D effects.


Some Ecards

As one of the newer companies, Some Ecards offers an alternative to the sentimental or tamely-humorous cards that are often found on greeting card websites. It offers edgy, offbeat cards with a decidedly deadpan sense of humor. In addition, its cards cover a wide range of unusual occasions such as breakups, divorces, and job loss.


Moo offers a completely different service than many other greeting card companies. Instead of selling finished cards, Moo provides design templates so that users can create and print their own custom-made greeting cards. Moo users can either upload their own original artwork, or choose an existing design to create a personalized greeting card.


Minted is a printed stationery business that sells everything from greeting cards to wedding invitations. One thing that sets it apart from the competition, however, is that it provides a service where users can create custom-made photo cards and invitations. It also has a staff of regular independent artists who create original designs for the company, which can be formatted in a variety of ways and printed on a huge selection of artisan papers.


Although JibJab is really a digital media entertainment company, it has a popular division that specializes in personalized eCards. Many of these have a sophisticated, edgy humor that offers an alternative for those looking for a non-traditional message.



Cardstore allows users to create and personalize their own customized greeting cards and invitations, which they can then order to be printed in specific quantities. In addition, Cardstore users can upload photos to create their own customized photo cards. As an extra added service, Cardstore will also mail the cards out to their intended recipients.


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Christmas Cards
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