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January 12, 2023

Send personalized Christmas

christmas cardWith Christmas just two days away and Hannukah wrapping up tomorrow evening, there’s still plenty of time to send a card to those loved ones who may have slipped your mind. Here are a couple of easy outs:

Cards That Give – Who could accuse you of not caring when your e-card includes a charitable donation? Cards That Give is a not-for-profit website that rolls up e-cards from charities in more than 40 states and 30 countries around the world. All of the proceeds go to a charity of your choosing—and the money adds up. A Detroit food bank, for instance, delivered 43.9 million pounds of food thanks to its holiday card drive.

Card Karma – Give your card a personal touch using this site’s multimedia-friendly card builder. Embed photos or videos from your phone or if you’re really pinched for time, lift a photo from Flickr’s creative commons. Add text and tinker with the background color and that’s it, the card is ready to email or share over social media.

Hipster Cards – As the name would suggest, these cards come with a heavy shellacking of holiday cheese. Many include Norman-Rockwell-style depictions of a Christmas evening with the ideal 1950’s family. Perfect for the sender who has an allergic reaction to sincerity.

Postcard.FM – For the sound buff in your family, upload a song or audio file, combine it with a photo, enter the email address, and off it goes like a singing telegram.

Red Stamp – The Red Stamp app makes assembling a card within the confines of a mobile phone a breeze. The cards have a clean, minimalist design and ample space for photos. Add up to four images on a single card.


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