Christmas Scriptures for Greeting cards

August 21, 2023

JOY Folded Scripture Christmas
View Crafter ProfileAngela MacWillson

Merry Christmas

You`re a very special Mum
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through
Merry Christmas

Angela MacWillson

Christmas Wishes

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday Mum

Angela MacWillson

Its Christmas

There is nothing any nicer
Than to send this wish to you...
To hope your Christmas is happy
And the following year is too

Angela MacWillson

For You

View Designer ProfileTinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy christmas
Wishes to you!

Sally McIntyre

Merry Christmas Mum

Just a note to say hello,
at christmas mum,
my love you have all the year,
so this is just a special cheer
Merry Christmas

ann cunningham

Mum - Just for You

May your Christmas be wonderful Right from the start,
May a happy year follow it, too,
These are the wishes
That come from the heart
In this greeting especially for you.

Julie McGregor

Mum at Christmas

Christmas time is wonderful!
A time to let you know
How much you mean to me
You are are wished a
Wonderful Christmas
And a wondeful new year!

With lots of love

Sally McIntyre

Christmas Mum

Christmas comes but once a year,
Our best wishes to you mum,
on this special occasion.
You cook us all dinner, wrap presents,
and more,
This is a special greeting,
with our love and very best wishes

Janyce Cotterill

View Crafter ProfileWarming the Heart with the Memory It Brings

Christmas time when I was young,
Meant presents, family and lots of fun,
It meant decorations and Santa Claus,
It meant Carols, school plays and snow outdoors,
Today things are so much the same,
The love I have for you will always remain,
May the season for you be filled with good things,
Warming the heart with the memory it brings.

Natasha Fieldhouse

Floral Wishes

To A Special Mum,
These flowers are
sent with wishes of
happiness and lots
of love too.
For everything you do
and more. Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Angela MacWillson


Only a perfect christmas will do
For a mum
Whos as lovely as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way

Belinda Ellingham

Christmas Rush

Christmas Eve, last minute shop
No time for Friends, no time to stop,
Times running out to get things finished
Before I feel puffed out and diminished,
Just for one day, there's so much to do
So much to get done, does this happen to you?
Nearly there, really need a brew
Think of me, Happy Christmas to you.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Judith Flavel

A Mum is for Life - Christmas

A Mum is for life...
... not just for Christmas!

veronica warren
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