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August 17, 2023

Pongal greeting with cow and

Pongal CardsPongal Cards

Millions of Pongal Cards are exchanged between friends and dear ones on the occasion of Pongal in South India. This is because Pongal is one of the most popular festivals and everyone wishes to share the joys of this blissful festival with those they love. Besides, these day people find Pongal Greeting Cards to be the perfect way to convey good wishes.

Pongal Card Patterns

Pongal Cards come in a variety of interesting and enchanting designs these days. Usually, they wish the recipient prosperity and good harvest. Popular images used in Pongal Cards are that of intricate and colourful Kolam designs laid on the floor besides a lit diya and rising sun to symbolize hope and good beginning. Kalash and sugarcane are also used in Pongal Cards to wish people ‘Pongalo Pongal’ and ‘Pongum Mangalam Engum Thanguga’. Matu Pongal Cards usually have in them images of cattle adorned with bells and carry a message of happy harvest.

Pongal E-Cards

Though paper Pongal Cards do a good business, it is the Pongal e-cards that are catching attention of people in this technology driven age of Internet. Pongal E-Cards come in enchanting animated designs and can be personalized with ease. One can browse through a variety of Pongal Cards in different moods and send them for Free through popular e-cards sites. E-Cards for Pongal come as a boon for people staying away from each others as it is a convenient, time saving and cost effective way of sending Pongal Greetings to loved ones.

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Happy Pongal Greetings / Wishes 2015
Happy Pongal Greetings / Wishes 2015
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Free Download Happy Pongal Wishes WhatsApp Greeting.
Wish you a Happy Pongal Free Pongal eCards, Greeting Cards
Wish you a Happy Pongal Free Pongal eCards, Greeting Cards ...
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