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January 5, 2016

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Giving greeting cards is an American tradition.Giving greeting cards is an American tradition.

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Annual retail sales of greeting cards in the U.S. are more than $7.5 billion with individuals purchasing seven billion greeting cards per year, according to the Greeting Card Association. A national survey conducted for the association found that nearly 30 percent of greeting card recipients keep their cards "forever." Greeting cards are a part of the American culture and someone has to create them. According to the "2011 Writer's Market, " unless you work as a contracted artist or writer for a greeting card company, you can expect to earn $50 to $300 per card idea.

Work as a Freelance Writer or Artist

Step 1

Sell your ideas to a greeting card company that purchases copy or art from freelancers. Some greeting card companies use materials freelance writers and artists submit.

Step 2

Follow the guidelines. Each company has its own set of guidelines regarding copy, artistic media and submissions. Some companies offer a copy of their guidelines online, while others only offer theirs in trade publications. If you don't follow the guidelines, a greeting card company may not consider your submission.

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Step 3

Wait patiently. It can take up to six months to hear back from a greeting card company about your submission. Most companies generally pay upon acceptance.

Create Your Own Line of Greeting Cards

Step 1

Plan to create two dozen cards initially. In an article reprinted on the Greeting Card Association site, Kate Harper recommends that you start with a small number of cards so you can receive feedback and develop a theme.

Create 50 to 100 designs before submitting proposals to a greeting card sales representative or attempting to sell your work to gift stores. Harper states that publishers and store owners will have a better sense of your identity and skills with a greater number of creations. Moreover, developing a full concept will help you gain credibility.

Create a portfolio of your cards. Take quality photos or actual samples of your cards and arrange them neatly in a binder. Alternatively, you can create a digital portfolio on a CD. According to Harper, you should include a short, handwritten note on cardstock that introduces your line of cards. Label all the materials you submit to a company with your name, the name of your business, address, contact information and the theme of your card line.

Step 4

Attend industry trade shows. Greeting card trade shows provide a great way to showcase your work to card companies. Craft shows are also good places to meet publishers or sell your creations to individuals.

Step 5

Showcase and sell your cards online. By creating a professional website, you can maximize your exposure as a greeting card creator. Your site can also serve as an outlet to sell your cards.

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