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July 28, 2013

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Consumers purchase greeting cards for holidays, such as Valentine's Day.Consumers purchase greeting cards for holidays, such as Valentine's Day.

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People often express special sentiments, such as love, thanks and holiday wishes by sending greeting cards to friends, family and colleagues. Combining attractive images and thoughtful or funny words, greeting cards have the power to uplift and provide laughs. With the Greeting Card Association reporting that Americans purchase more than 7 billion greeting cards each year, starting a greeting card business can yield profits for business owners.

Select Niche

The Greeting Card Association notes that the two categories of greeting cards include seasonal and every day, however, within those categories lay a wide range of niches you can explore. You may opt to create humorous cards, handmade baby shower cards or a variety of thank-you cards for businesses use.

Research Greeting Card Industry

Find out the industry's history, past, current and potential future trends, and identify your competition. Investigate online stores and brick-and-mortar greeting card business as both are potential competitors. Determine how much people pay for greeting cards, the top suppliers, best practices in marketing, management and operations.

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Name Business

Develop a name for your greeting card business, and then contact your local Chamber of Commerce for instructions on how to register your business as a legal entity in your state. Select a name that's memorable and relevant.

Prepare Marketing Materials

Marketing materials can help you promote your greeting card business. Hire a graphic designer to create a logo, business card design and promotional greeting card for your business. Work with a web designer to create an online presence for your business. Include sample greeting card designs on your site, ordering and pricing information.

Set Up Office

Set up a workspace in your home for your greeting card business. You can lease a space in your area, depending on your budget.

Purchase Supplies And Equipment

Entrepreneur, a magazine and online resource for business owners, suggests starting with supplies such as a computer, color printer, scanner and the desktop publishing software of your choice. You also need to purchase blank paper and envelopes in assorted colors and textures.


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