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October 30, 2017

More Info on Greeting Cards

As your business grows, you can hire freelance writers to write your greeting cards.As your business grows, you can hire freelance writers to write your greeting cards.

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Greeting cards serve as a way of expressing sentiments through the written word. Made for nearly every occasion, greeting cards help individuals show someone they care in an inexpensive way. The demand for paper greeting cards remains steady, even with the growing popularity of e-cards, so someone desiring to start a greeting card business can still find room in the market to earn a profit. Starting a greeting card company requires more than the ability to write or design - you also need an understanding of business. The start-up cost is low for a greeting card business, but to earn a profit you must understand and meet consumer demands.

Step 1

Research the market. Find companies selling the types of cards you desire to make and sell. Assess your competition to see what greeting cards they sell at high volume. Study their submission guidelines, card designs, verses and prices. Incorporate any useful information into the guidelines for your business.

Step 2

Evaluate popular niches. Perform market research to learn which niches are selling the best. For instance, you can visit greeting card stores and call greeting card companies to inquire about the genre of cards with the highest percentage of sales. Determine the types of cards you want to produce. Common types of cards include inspiration, sympathy, get-well, holiday, religious, graduation and just-because cards. Choose several types of cards as you start your business.

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Step 3

Choose whether you're going to create handmade cards, design and print your own cards or hire a printing company to print your designs. If printing your own cards, you can use software to design them and print them using an inkjet printer. Contact printing companies to inquire about their uploading specifications if you're going to have your designs professionally printed.

Step 4

Purchase an inkjet printer if you plan to print your own cards. It is best to use a speedy, durable home ink jet printer with a strong paper transport mechanism and great color photo quality.

Step 5

Design several greeting card prototypes. Customize the types of greeting cards you plan to sell. Carry a variety of samples of different cards with you to show potential clients. Choose a few cards from each niche you produce to give clients a feel for your diverse collection. You can also choose to customize your cards according to a client's request.

Step 6

Contact locally owned stores in your area. Meet with managers of small gift shops and novelty stores to discuss the possibility of carrying your line of greeting cards. Negotiate a commission fee to pay the owners of stores when customers buy your cards in their shops. You can base your fee on the amount of cards sold in the store or choose a fixed monthly fee.

Step 7

Sell your greeting cards online. Create an eCommerce website that allows customers to purchase your greeting cards electronically. Establish shipping prices. You can offer discounts or free shipping to customers who spend a certain dollar amount on your products.

Things Needed

  • Card stock paper
  • High-quality inkjet printer


  • Starting off with only a few designs will help you avoid stretching yourself too thin.

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