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May 24, 2022

So if you think your wedding

write your own thank you cardWeddings, baby showers and birthday parties are all meant to be celebrated with the people who mean the most to you. Loved ones go out of their way to clear their schedules and purchase meaningful gifts for these special occasions, and it is important to recognize their efforts with a heartfelt show of thanks. While verbal expressions of gratitude are always appreciated, there is something much more meaningful about receiving a handwritten thank you card that actually takes time and effort to write.

History of the Thank You Note

Although it is not known exactly when the very first thank you note was penned, it appears that the practice dates all the way back to Biblical times. The book of Philippians is actually considered to be an ancient thank you note by some historians. Thank you notes have also been referenced in early medieval Chinese literature as far back as 579AD.

While today’s thank you notes are considerably shorter and less elaborate than their ancient counterparts, they are no less meaningful. In fact, today’s thank you cards can be completely customized with meaningful photos and captions that can make them more sentimental than ever before.

Our Top Picks

Don’t just tell your family and friends how much you appreciate them. Show them instead. We offer an almost endless variety of customizable thank you card options that are unique and visually appealing. Whether you are looking for wedding thank you cards, birthday party thank you cards or baby shower thank you cards, we have you covered. A few of the styles you can choose from include:

  • Rustic: Add your favorite personal or family photo to a rustic, wood-patterned card and say thank you in style.
  • Gallery: Show your wedding guests just how much you appreciate their support with a wedding thank you card that displays a colorful gallery of your own wedding photos.
  • Monogram Style: When you’re in the mood for a thank-you card that is both edgy and unique, choose a bold and block monogram-style card.
  • Chalkboard: Sending a thank you card for a baby shower or child’s birthday party? Try cute chalkboard or watercolor frame designs with a photo of your child or baby bump.
  • Foil-Stamped: Add some stylish glimmer to your thank you card with foil-stamped thank you card designs that come in Chevron patterns or that can be customized with a favorite photo.
  • Vintage: Throwing a birthday party or wedding celebration in a vintage theme? Select thank you card designs with vintage brushed borders or classically elegant script.

foil stamped thank you cardsThese are just a few of the fun and unique options we offer for customizable thank you cards. You can further personalize your card by choosing design colors from our fun and trendy palette, selecting your desired trim options and picking the ideal card size. Whether you prefer casual or formal, you will have no problem finding a thank you card design that meets your needs perfectly.

Now that you have chosen a thank you card design that you adore, it is time to brush up on your note-writing skills. Even the most beautifully-designed thank you card will mean very little if the note inside is too generic.

The best thank you notes are often brief, but they include at least one sentence that is unique to the receiver. Simply writing “Thank you for attending my baby shower” is a great way to offend your guests by being overtly generic. Here are a few tips for writing a thank you note that is as brilliant as the design on the front of your card:

  • Don’t write the exact same thing in every card. You may wish to include one generic sentence in each card, but be sure to add at least once sentence that is unique to the person receiving the card.
  • If possible, briefly describe the gift you received and thank the giver for it specifically. This can be as simple as saying “Thank you for the down comforter. Now we don’t need to worry about keeping warm in our new apartment this winter, ” or “We absolutely loved the picture frame you gave us. Thank you!”
  • If you received money as one of your gifts, thank the giver warmly and let them know how you plan to use the money.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you write a heartfelt note that will be as personal and sentimental as the customized thank you card on which it is written.


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