DIY Wedding Thank you Cards

April 5, 2016

Black DIY Wedding Thank You

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You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive cards to thank those who sent gifts or attended your wedding. If you want to do something special, you can make the cards yourselves. Besides saving you money, it will give you and your spouse a chance to work on a project together. Here are some unique ideas I’ve come across or come up with myself:

Take Pictures

For this card, the bride and groom take a photo of themselves holding up signs that say “Thank” and “You.” Usually, the couple takes this photo with their photographer on the day of the wedding, so they’re all dressed up.

But you can still create this one after the wedding. If you still have the clothes you were wearing that day, you could put them on again and have someone take the photo. You could also hold up the signs wearing something else, which would still be cute. You could also use another image of yourselves from the big day.

A friend sent a thank you card for an engagement gift in which he and his bride were kissing in front of the “Love” statue in Philadelphia. Kissing in front of a symbol of your city or town would work, too. Photo cards make for nice keepsakes, and many people, especially those closest to you, will save them.

Build on a Theme

Nowadays, many couples have themes for their weddings. Everything from the colors teal and brown to love birds or a monogram could be a theme. You worked this theme into the entire wedding day, so why not make it part of your thank you card as well? The nice part about this is that your guests will get nostalgic at the sight of your colors or symbol when they receive the thank you and perhaps long after that.

If love birds were your theme, then you could use a clip art graphic of love birds or a stamp of them on a note card that you would then use to write your gratitude.

Think Seasonally

Many couples plan their weddings around a particular season. You could do the same for your thank you cards. For example, if you are sending out your invites near Valentine’s Day, you can create them to look like old-fashioned Valentines, replete with paper-lace doily hearts.

If it’s the holidays, they could include bride and groom snowmen, wreaths, or other symbol of the season. These thank you cards are lovely because they can serve a dual purpose of showing your gratitude to your guests and wishing them well for a particular holiday. If they are festive cards, they might hang onto them, at least during the season. If that’s the case, you can be a part of yet another celebration with your guests.


Thank You Cards
Thank You Cards
Tutorial 4 Cuttlebug Wedding Thank you cards DIY Project
Tutorial 4 Cuttlebug Wedding Thank you cards DIY Project
Wedding Thank You Cards
Wedding Thank You Cards
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