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August 9, 2023

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Prints and ships your photos to friends and family as real postcards. Postagram makes it easy to send a printed photo in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world. Take a shot with the app or use photos from your photo library or Facebook. Each Postagram is backed by the Guarantee: If your Postagram gets lost in the mail, damaged or you are otherwise not happy, we will send another Postagram free or return your money. We take full responsibility from the time you click “order” until you are holding a beautiful Postagram in your hand.

You can also print your photos right from galleries and albums such as: QuickPic, picplz, PicsIn and You can also use Postagram to print from your favorite photo editor and effects apps like: PicSay, Vignette, Camera360, Touchnote, Postdroid, FxCamera, Postino, Shoot it!, Camera Zoom FX, Retro Camera and PhotoFunia.

Price: Free

Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Take any photo off of your phone and make it a postcard for only 99 cents!!
  • Extremely easy to use interface!
  • Can save addresses and payment information for easy repeat use!
  • Extremely polished user interface!
  • Allows photo cropping within the application!


  • No photo effects within application.
  • No options for text font or display.
  • Not very useful unless traveling.


Postagram is a easy to use postcard creation application for Android. Postagram allows you to create a postcard using photos from your device and pay a small fee in order to have it sent to its intended recipient. It allows you to incorporate personal messages, crop photos within the application, and save delivery addresses for future use.

When you first launch Postagram the application prompts you to select a photo to be used for postcard creation. You are able to choose from any saved photo on the device running the application. After selecting the photo you wish to use for the postcard you are prompted to crop the photo down to a format which will display properly for your postcard. The cropping process is extremely simple. All you need to do is drag the cropping box to cover the area you wish to keep for the postcard. The cropping box can be adjusted by tugging at the corners of the box.

After cropping the photo, Postagran shows a small preview of what your postcard will look like. You are then able to type in a personal message to be sent out with the card. The text you have just typed in to the application is then displayed beside the photograph in the postcard giving you a full preview of what the postcard will look like when it is sent to your chosen recipient.

Finally, you input the addresses of any intended recipients and create a Postagram account. This account contains a list of your past delivery addresses and any saved payment accounts. This allows for you to complete the process easily in the future and prevents you from having to constantly re-enter information. The cost of your finished product is only 99 cents and then your postcard is sent out by the good folks at Postagram.


Postagram is an excellent application to use if you travel often and would like to be able to create your own postcards to send out to friends and family. The application allows you to fully customize the postcard and provides its services for a minimal cost making it an excellent solution for postcards being sent on the go.

Ease of Use:

Postagram is extremely easy to use. One of my favorite things about the application is its streamlined interface. The application carefully guides you through all the necessary steps in an easy to comprehend manner. Unlike many other picture editing applications this app could not be any easier to use and will be intuitive to even the most basic of smartphone users.

Frequently Used:

Unfortunately this is not an application that I can see myself using anytime soon. I have absolutely no use for postcards at the moment and so would have no need to use this application. However, if I was traveling to another country or to various tourist locations within the U.S then this would be an excellent application to use in order to show friends and family all of the interesting locations I was visiting.


The interface for Postagram is extremely streamlined and intuitive. This results in an excellent experience for the end user and allows this application to be easy to understand even for the most basic of users. The biggest downside to this application is its lack of picture or text editing features to give unique effects, distortions, or adjustments. The developers say that the solution to this is using third party applications like Picsay and BeFunky. However, I would like to see an in-application solution to this obvious issue with the app. After this addition, maybe the application would be nearly perfect.


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