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August 23, 2016

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Holiday Greeting CardThe holidays and shopping season is right around the corner. It’s never too early to think about sending out greeting cards. It’s the perfect time to let new and existing customers know how much you appreciate their business with printed greeting cards. In less time than you know, everyone will be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle that characterizes the entire holiday shopping season.

For shoppers, it’s exciting. For the business owner, it’s all about business. Small businesses on every corner and online are going to spend quality time creating sales promotions to funnel the holiday traffic through their front door, checkouts and websites. Millions of traditional e-cards and premium business cards will fill the airways and mailboxes in anticipation of building better business relationships.

If you have a smaller business, you can trump the bigger competition with customizes holiday greeting cards. So, if your goal is to deepen relationships, drive sales and grow your business, look into printing custom greeting cards. Below are some tips that can help make this season a profitable one.

Mail your Greeting Cards in a Timely Manner

Watching the ball on television drop in Times Square is a bit late for your greeting card to be in the mail. Receiving late holiday cards can be taken as an insult and it could appear that your card is only a late afterthought. Customers can be hard to please. They’re likely to share their disappointments far more often than their satisfactions. You don’t want your good intentions ending up giving you and your business a bad reputation.

Personalize Your Holiday Greeting Cards

Each of your greeting cards should be personalized and addressed to a specific individual. A sentence or two is all it takes. Otherwise, your greeting cards may resemble the millions of generic cards sent each year by businesses and individuals. Don’t do that, make them personal.

Give Your Greeting Cards a Professional Edge

The messaging of your business cards reflects your brand. The quality of your holiday greeting cards also speak volumes about your business. If you or your business needs assistance in creating a custom greeting card, we can help. We now offer graphic design services.


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