December 31, 2018

Wedding invitations Tampa

DSC00043We are upping our workshop game for spring time and bringing in a slew of talented people to teach us a thing or two! Keep checking back as we are adding classes through whenever the fancy strikes…


Paper Succulents

Come join us at Smitten on Paper’s adorable shop to learn how to make paper succulents and pot them together. We will be doing a step by step class on making the perfect succulent that will never need to be watered and lives forever! We will also show you different ways to incorporate them into your wedding, events, and your home. We will be supplying all the materials, which include, card stock paper, scissors, glue, mini pot, moss, and a packet of paper to take home for practice.


Floral Watercolor Painting

In this 3-hour class, we will learn the basics of watercolor and will go onto painting fun floral designs! We will first go over tools that the instructor prefers to use then cover different watercolor techniques. Once we’ve gone through the material, students will practice making watercolor strokes and washes before going onto painting flowers and leaves. This class holds 20 students max so each student will be able to receive one-on-one help from the instructor when needed. !IMG_0326 Materials are included in this workshop and students will not have to bring their own supplies.

Each student will take home a kit of Dianuh’s preferred supplies including watercolor palette with select paint colors, watercolor brush, paper, pencil, and their finished 9×12 illustration complete with a clear cover and hard backing.

Hand Lettering

Join this introductory workshop where you will learn how to turn your personal handwriting into a beautiful work of art. We will practice by creating hand lettered quotes and learning creative ways to address envelopes. We will also learn which tools to use and how to use them. You will leave this class excited to practice your handwriting!

IMG_2544Students will learn the basics of hand lettering including:

*Tips to finding your own lettering style

*Which lettering tools to use

*How to use a Letter Mate

*Creative ways to address an envelope

*Ideas for how to practice lettering after class

Skill requirements: No previous lettering experience required. This workshop is for beginners.

It includes a 2 hour Hand Lettering workshop PLUS a 30 minute chalk workshop where you can use your new hand lettering skills using chalk supplies. This workshop will include all supplies needed for both Hand Lettering and Chalk Lettering.

IMG_2545 IMG_2546 image 017

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