Creative Holiday Photo Cards

February 18, 2017

Creative holiday photo cards:

Creative holiday photo cards: Chalk drawing by Brooke Elggren SnowballI am always amazed by some of the creative holiday photo cards that come my way in the mail each year. I have some creative friends and family, I guess! I love them all of course, but there are always a few shots that take my breath away, make me laugh out loud, or just warrant “front of pile” status for being so darn clever.

If you are still coming up with ideas for your holiday photo cards and want some that stand out from the rest, here are ten really fantastic ideas. Some may require a little more time and effort than others, but I think even amateurs could get out the digital camera and do these yourself.

1. Break out the Chalk
Before the snow covers your driveway (sorry Buffalo), break out the colored chalks and start drawing, just like the Snowball Family did in their adorable holiday photo card. (Is that really their name? Hm.) What I like is that this doesn’t feel forced or overly staged. And if you have less room or a younger child, a chalk Santa hat or reindeer ears behind her head would look great too.

Creative holiday photo cards: Christmas lights by JoopJoop Designs

2. Make a mess with some lights
Eh, perfect holiday moments are overrated. To make your card stand out, let your kid get tangled in some Christmas lights wrapped haphazardly around him as shown in this Christmas lights holiday photo card by JoopJoop Designs. Love his expression–which is the same one I get when I’m trying to put lights on the tree. And actually, the lights cast a really pretty glow.

3. Use illustrated overlays
There are two things I love in this super playful holiday photo card with hand illustrations by CameraSim. First, the cartoony illustrations stage the room in a fun, informal way that I think we can all relate to. Second, the entire family looks like they are having a blast, with three upside-down kids and laughing parents. A bit messy, a bit loud, and a lot of fun.

Creative holiday photo cards: Photoshop designs by Cameraism Creative holiday photo cards: Photo booth style by Simply Radiant Creative Holiday Photo Card by Kristen Chase | Cool Mom Picks Creative holiday photo cards: Picture-in-picture by Kamil Tracz Photography

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