Birthday Cards with sound

January 10, 2018

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Custom Programmed Sound Chips -
Quantities of 10 - 250

Pricing and Programming Fees based on quantity:

(10 - 60 quantity) = $4.95 ea. + $50 programming fee
(71 - 150 quantity) = $4.95 ea. + $100 programming fee
(161 - 250 quantity) = $4.95 ea. + $150 programming fee

Print-Ready Paper (80 lb. stock already scored - made for sound cards).
Easy to laser print your own cards/invitations ($1 per sheet)
Envelopes (.50 cents ea.)

Quantity discounts available on 250 - 100, 000 quantity, please refer
to our

Reminder: These custom sound chips are to be used when making your own greeting cards, party invitations, etc.

If you have multiple recordings or would like to custom program greeting card sound modules yourself, our USB programmers are a 1-time purchase. These recordable sound modules are popular since you can program as many different recordings as you like for ongoing projects.
Click here for more details:

Custom Programmed Sound Chips Demo

Greeting Card Template
Sound Expressions, LLC is America's leader in personalized musical greeting cards, recordable greeting card sound chips, brochures, and favors for businesses and special events. The mission of the company is to create quality custom products which are multi-sensory in design encouraging creativity and full self-expression.

Our Product Guarantee/Return Policy:

All sound modules and sound cards are tested prior to shipping and we guarantee workability.
If problems should occur, we agree to replace ore exchange any non-working modules returned to us within 30 days.


Birthday card
Birthday card
Happy Birthday Card with sound
Happy Birthday Card with sound
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