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March 17, 2022

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Thanks_jyothiLike all other holidays it is important to have the specific elements in a card and the tricks, as mentioned before in this blog, lie in research, card copy/ message, design, colors and music.

Thanksgiving has a long history behind its existence as a holiday. Dating back to the time when pilgrims first shared food with Native Americans to hundreds of years later when it was officially declared as a holiday by George Washington. Thanksgiving essentially is a day to give thanks for a great harvest season and celebrate this with friends and family. It is a day when people thank the Lord for all that he has bestowed on them and for a healthy and happy family. Since it is a day spent with family, food automatically becomes an important ritual as no family get-together is complete without a lavish meal!

Do remember, that it is important to understand the history so you are familiar with the holiday and understand its roots where the essence really lies. However, it is equally important to understand how the holiday is currently celebrated and what Thanksgiving elements are trending. A simple online search will show you that shopping for the holiday season and Thanksgiving recipes are the most searched topics. It isn’t always necessary that you can incorporate all trending topics and translate them in ecards. In this case what you can incorporate is the Thanksgiving dinner with all its core components. A little research into what the dinner comprises of will reveal ingredients such as turkey, pumpkin, potato pie etc. Turkey can aslo be used as the ‘fun’ element in an ecard as can be seen in our Turkey Fun sub-category. Thanksgiving parades which are a huge affair in USA are also very popular.

Other things to note are:-
Colors: Orange, brown, yellow and red or Fall colors represent Thanksgiving!
Emotions: Gratitude, humility, love are key emotions that people want to express in their wishes to one another.
Music: Rhythmic tunes, country music will help set the mood!
Message: These vary from traditional to contemporary and both are widely used depending on the demographics of the users. Example of a traditional message would be – thanks to the Lord for a great harvest season. On the other hand contemporary will be – Thanks to family and friends and sharing the excitement of the holiday.

This Happy Thanksgiving ecard by Jothi is among the most popular cards for this holiday. It has been sent by over 110, 000 people. The elements that work for this card are the colors and the beautiful message. Jothi has articulated emotions so well that anyone will be tempted to send this card as wishes for the holiday.

Source: studio.123greetings.com

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