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June 23, 2020

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10 Things Kids Love

Love is universal. Here at Save the Children, we want to celebrate Valentine's Day by sharing things children love most. We spoke with children from all around the world, asking them what they loved. Click on a child and see what they said.

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Bikalpa was trapped under rubble after a massive earthquake toppled his home in Nepal. He struggled to get back to himself and would often wake up crying. To help him cope, his grandmother took him to play with at our Child Friendly Space. Now he’s smiling again!


During Mada’s birthday at the opening of the first Child Friendly Space in Germany, she was given the chance to visit a local school for one day, and she loved it. Since then, she says she has been praying every day that their application for asylum will be accepted, because then she can go to school. In her prayers she asks every night: “When can I go to school?"


“I love the color green, the plants are green.” Hamed is a 15 year old refugee from Dara. In 2013 he fled Syria with his family to Jordan to seek safety and they have lived in Za’atari refugee camp since then. The shelling killed his beloved cousin and two of his friends. Through the healing through arts (HEART) program, and he took lessons in photography and agriculture. “I started to plant small crops around our tent and monitored their growth by capturing pictures, this keeps my day filled with activities that make me feel happy and useful”


Lucero, 4, is a very good story teller and was narrating a picture book about the environment, “We have to help the trees and the flowers” she says. The hardest thing about being a kid is that “You’re not allowed to climb a tree, ” Lucero pouts. But you can ask a grown-up to help you reach the flowers!


“It was very bad in South Sudan. We had to run because there was lots of fighting and people were being killed. I like it here (at a refugee camp in Uganda) but I want to go back to my old village. I love my old village.”


"I love to learn, ” says 12-year-old Amina who fled her home in conflict-ridden Somalia for the relative safety of a displaced-persons camp. “There have been assaults against children in the camp, but I feel pretty safe, particularly at school.”


Classmates Angel and Franky, both 11, love Valentine’s Day. They also love to read. “I love to read because I love to learn, ” said Franky. “I imagine myself to be one of the characters in books, ” said Angel. Her current fave: Cinderella.


Genada's message to Malala is “Dear Malala, I am writing you because you are very nice. I know your story and I am touched. You are so kind. We all love you.”


While Rosy is still learning to express herself, she lights up when ever she is visited by our caring staff. They work with her on learning shapes and colors using blocks and other fun educational toys.


Angel's family received a child's bed and bedding from Save the Children's Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play program in the UK, "When I grow up I want to be an artist and I want to be painting all the time and I want to teach people how to color in properly and paint and I want to take them places like to an art museum, and then I can show them what I like to do."


Valentine Cards Created For Kids.
Valentine Cards Created For Kids.
DIY Valentine Cards for Kids
DIY Valentine Cards for Kids
Kids Valentines Cards
Kids Valentines Cards
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