Photographer Thank You Card

December 30, 2019

Thank You Cards:

johnson city tn wedding photographer, hallmark thank you cardsOver the years I’ve received so many thank you notes and every time I’m amazed by the ones I get. I got one the other day that sparked something in me that I needed to write about it.

I think a lot of people don’t really realize the power that a thank you note holds. As silly as it may sound thank you notes hold the power to uplift someone.

I was having a hard day the other day with something that every creative or entrepreneur struggles with and that is self doubt. I cant believe I’m talking about this on my blog but I think that’s something we all have went through a time or two in our life. Whether it be in your job or school or wherever we all have struggled with this topic because it’s in our nature to be this way.

I received a thank you note from a past client and I think God was waking me up with this one. As I always do every time I read them and I start to cry (I’m a crier). I’m in awe every time I receive one because someone took the time to thank me.

Not that I’m not worthy of a thank you… but it’s something that so many forget to think about and when I get one it’s almost like a treasure and I hold it close. I cry over it like a girl watching Lifetime lol. They mean so much these little thank you’s so much that I keep them all.

I have them on my fridge and in front of my computer screen. Every time I wake up and open my refrigerator to put creamer in my coffee or I’m working on a wedding in front of my computer. I am reminded to be thankful. I am thankful that you thought so much of me that you took the time to write me a note. Something that you thought was just being nice actually means way more than you think to someone like me.

I am thankful for each of you that you chose me as your photographer because you could have chose someone else. I’m just this simple girl that loves people for who they are, I’m just someone who wants to show them what their love looks like through these pictures I take. I am forever grateful and thankful for that.

When you choose a photographer your not choosing just a photographer your choosing someone that loves what they do. I think I can vouch for all my photography friends on this one. Your helping us live a dream that we have hoped for all our life. For me it’s not all about the pictures, it’s about the REAL relationships I get to be apart of. That I am making great friends and building beautiful relationships and at the end of the day we can call each other friends.


Watch Me Wednesday | Camera Thank You Card
Watch Me Wednesday | Camera Thank You Card
john arcara photography, wedding thank you cards
john arcara photography, wedding thank you cards
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