Boutique Greeting cards

May 30, 2014

Front to Back: Maroon, Olive

The VERRIER BOUTIQUE is conceived from the well imagined beauty of each of us as a confident fashion statement. Every verrier handcrafted creation is championed by the artistic sensibility of Ashleigh Verrier, accented with verbal affirmations to lift spirits. The brand signature of the handcrafted greetings cards and prints, precisely painted and strategically hand glittered, is the premise of why verrier handcrafted is able to sincerely promise that every design introduced is exclusive as a collector's item. There is an intention with VERRIER fashion illustrations to have you be the ultimate artist who takes these colorful delights and brings them to life, only as your inner celebratory spirit will be able to do with featuring designs in your personal milieu or by sending fondness to a friend.

VERRIER originated as a woman's designer ready to wear NYC fashion company established in 2004 by Ashleigh & Jude Verrier, mother & daughter, partners & best friends. This lifestyle brand has offered many seasonal collections throughout the years in NYC, Paris and Tokyo. We are currently thrilled to expand our family business to feature papier fashion, dressed by lighthearted artisans in New York City.

We truly hope you enjoy the verrier handcrafted papier designs (labors of love), as much as we personally imagine you will. We draw on the principle that there is a guaranteed perfect fit for all of our valued customers, with a range of sizes from greeting card to various print measurements for each of Ashleigh's original fashion illustrations.


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Greeting Card Organizer Scrapbooking With Me Guest ...
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Greeting Card Organizer Scrapbooking With ME Boutique ...
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