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April 15, 2021

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Create your Holiday Cards with ShutterflyIf you tied the knot in 2015, we don’t need to be the ones to point out that you have a lot to celebrate this holiday season! It’s your first holiday together as newlyweds, so why not share the good news, start a new tradition, and update friends + family with a festive holiday photo card from Shutterfly to share some of their amazing features!

The first card we made was Shutterfly’s Stylish Script Christmas Card.Holiday Cards with Shutterfly We loved the pretty gold-foil text and loved the snowflake pattern on the back of the card and on the envelope lining! Such a perfect cohesive look once everything is laid out together.

Our next design was the Frosted Love Christmas Card. This photo we selected was taken right after we said our I Do’s and snuck back into a vineyard to have a few moments alone. You can see we are both smiling and it is a really natural moment, and the lighting is just perfect – it is one of my favorite shots (taken by Katie Pritchard) from the whole day.

Holiday Cards with ShutterflyThe Seasonal Chic Greetings Christmas Card was another favorite of ours, and the fun, handwritten “Merry Christmas” for the back layout was definitely one of the reasons why! We used a matching address label since it went so perfectly with the card’s design, and LOVED the painted red stripe lining for the inside of the envelope.

And how fun is this ornament card?! We chose to use the Married Bracket Frame Christmas Card design, and love its festive, slightly rustic feel.Holiday Cards with Shutterfly When you send one of Shutterfly’s ornament cards, your family and friends can adorn their Christmas tree with a personalized ornament that can only come from the two of you! Pretty great, right?!

Our last design was the !Holiday Cards with Shutterfly It’s simple + modern, but with a snowflake envelope liner, we were able to add just a touch of whimsy.

GWS: Any new traditions the two of you plan to share as a married couple for your first Christmas? This will actually be the first Christmas we are spending together as a couple for the first time in 7 years, so the tradition we are starting is by just being together, which is good enough for us right now:)

Thanks so much Elizabeth + Mark for sharing some fun holiday card designs with us! Such a perfect chance to use those amazing wedding (or engagement!) photos again, right?!

We had so much fun making these holiday cards with Shutterfly + encourage you to give it a try too! Be sure to check out Shutterfly’s Special Offers page when you make your holiday card to see what type of specials they are currently running. You’ll see how fast + easy is is to get creative with your wedding photos and design a personalized card that your family + friends will be sure to love! A perfect activity for the long holiday weekend :)


Create a smile: Lock your card with twine
Create a smile: Lock your card with twine
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Create Your Own Glitter Card (
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Create Your Card - Create A Bendi Card
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