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October 12, 2022

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How To: Illustrate Your Own Homemade Christmas CardsTo inspire you to get crafting, we've got a series of creative How To features written by our team of art students across the UK - The Cass Art Student Ambassadors!

Read on as Jodie Cox, armed with nothing more than some card and bright, beautiful Staedtler Fine Liner pens, shows you how to create your own homeade Christmas greetings cards.

Illustrate with Staedtler finelinersWHAT YOU'LL NEED:

Blank Greetings Cards A5 (Or card if you wish to fold your own!)

Fineliners, or any pen you like! (I am using a 10 pack of Staedtler 0.3mm triplus fineliners)

A sprinkling of festive wit

For those of you who wish to make your cards from scratch, you'll need to fold your card firmly in half, ensuring there is a neat edge with no creases.

Now is the chance to double check that the card and envelopes are the same size.

To begin creating your Christmas greeting card design, it’s best to map out your idea with pencil.

Hand-drawin Christmas IllustrationsUse the ruler to help you centre images if necessary, allowing you to make sure any text on the card is also aligned.

At this stage embrace Dad-jokes and/or any form of pun as they inspire great drawings!

Once you are happy with the look of your Xmas design, you can move into fine liners to add depth and tone to your image. I like to give my drawing a bold, black outline as it makes the picture really stand out.

At this stage I like to use linework within each shape, giving the object a more three dimensional representation.

When the outline is complete, I like to add a touch of colour! I have chosen to decorate my Christmoose with green and red to give it that extra festive feeling!

Add your own personal greeting to the interior of the card, and then if you wish go ahead and make any finishing touches – glitter, tinsel or confetti - and you are good to go.

When you're happy with your handcrafted greetings card, pop it into the post and spread your festive handiwork far and wide. To be even more resourceful, you may wish to scan your card design into your computer to make further copies or transform it into an E-card.


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