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October 4, 2021

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example of a real estate postcard template showing a beach house just listed themeMost real estate agents already know that postcard marketing is essential to finding new clients and maintaining contact with existing ones. has been the leader in real estate marketing and direct mail postcard printing for over 10 years by making it fast, easy and affordable to manage a direct mail postcard campaign.

If you're a real estate marketing professional, you're probably already familiar with the key components of a postcard campaign - you have a message to deliver, and you have (or know how to get) a list of addresses representing the audience for that message. If you're new to the game, can help you with, targeted mailing lists, as well as printing and mailing your postcards.

Real Estate Postcard Design Templates

We have thousands of great, free design templates and ideas to help kick-start your next mailing. You don't pay anything extra for using our templates, or for the inspiration. You pay only for the items we print for you.

If you already have a completed design, our system makes it easy to .

Two easy ways to review pricing

  1. If you know how many addresses you will be sending to we suggest you use the pricing calculator at right. Simply specify the postcard size, delivery and paper options, and enter a quantity.
  2. If you are still planning your direct mail campaign and aren't sure how many addresses you'll be sending to, our direct mail pricing page has a table that will help you plan the size of your mailing.

The choice is yours

We print and mail postcards for our customers every day. Still, sometimes you may not need our mailing services.

  1. We can print and mail your order directly to a list (your addresses or use our targeted mailing lists) via either USPS First Class or Bulk Rate

Your list or ours

For postcards to be mailed, you may have your own list of addresses from your sphere or a title company, or you may need to reach a group of addresses around a new listing for a "Just Listed" or "Just Sold" mailing. Either way, can help.

  1. Upload your own mailing list to use with your postcards, and we'll de-duplicate, CASS certify them and address them, all at no extra charge. You save on postage and printing because of the extra steps we take to make sure your addresses are deliverable and unique. Just start your order and we'll guide you through the rest.
  2. If you need to mail to a group of addresses around a known address by radius, or want to reach a larger area like a city, zip code, and want further targeting by age, income, home ownership, or many other commonly used selects, we can provide low-cost, targeted mailing addresses for consumers or businesses.

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