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April 22, 2016

Clothes Shopping Bingo:

Bingo card ready to be workedMake space. Find peace. Feel joy.

When I saw Jacquelyn Kittredge’s e-bakery blog post about her social media bingo card I got really excited. I love the idea of turning those “I should” daily tasks (like keeping up with your social media) into a fun game.

So I created my own. While I emphasize social media and virtual income generation on my bingo card, I also have included other tasks that I wish I did more often, like entering Quickbooks data and entering Continuing Education Credits for my CPO recertification. I’ve put connecting with current and past clients up in there, too, which is something I don’t take the time to do as often as I might.

Here’s a photo of my bingo card. I printed the tasks out in a nice font on white paper and used scrapbook paper to create the pretty background 2- x 2-inch squares. (I affixed the white paper to the scrapbook paper using Glue Dots.) I purchased a 12- x 12-inch square magnetic bulletin board from the Container Store. And I just use magnets on the front of the squares to stick them to the board.

There are plenty of tasks to choose from.

Here’s my bingo card after a little effort. I ended up getting a triple bingo on this card!


Here’s how I play:

  • When I do a task, I cover that square with a 1.5- x 2-inch Post-It® note.
  • If I get the required number of tasks done in a row (four or five, depending on the row), I get bingo! And I feel very satisfied.
  • If I got a bingo the day before, I rearrange the bingo spots randomly
  • If I didn’t get bingo the day before, I remove the post-its but don’t rearrange the spots

So far, no more reward then the satisfaction of getting bingo is required.

I’ve just been doing this for a little while, but it’s provided a fun way to get some stuff done. I’m amazed at how motivated I am by getting a bingo. I guess I’m a child at heart.

I realize that to make this a true bingo card I need to add a row of tasks. I didn’t have room on this particular board, so I didn’t. But soon I think I’ll replace the BINGO row with five more tasks and increase the degree of difficulty a bit.

ETA: Check out my Bingo update and my Bingo anniversary posts, which detail some of the improvements I made to my Bingo board since writing this blog post. Also, I got so excited about bingo that I created an Organizing Guide about it. The five-page Guide gives instructions on creating a board, guidance on ways to use the concept, and rules I created for using it. See my Organizing Guides page for information on purchasing it.


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Make my own Fifa card-#4-Dribbling
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